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What is Chin Liposuction?

Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson

Chin liposuction is a form of facial liposuction that removes the fat in the chin, neck, and jowl area, reducing the appearance of a double chin. There are different methods of liposuction that can be used to remove neck and chin fat, including methods that use ultrasonic waves or lasers to heat the fat, liquefying it and making it easier to remove. Most doctors caution that liposuction may not be permanent, in that the effects may be diminished if additional weight is gained after the procedure. The risks associated with liposuction increase with the amount of fat removed, although this is less of an issue with facial liposuction than it is with body liposuction.

Often, the neck area under the chin that collects fat and develops into a double chin can be very resistant to diet and exercise, even if the person is of a normal weight. People who are in relatively good health but plagued with a persistent double chin may be good candidates for chin liposuction. Liposuction is likely not a good option for people with serious health problems, including those with kidney or liver problems, diabetes, and some heart or blood conditions.


As with any plastic surgery procedure, there are risks. Serious risks of chin liposuction include tissue necrosis, infection, and blood clots. With ultrasonic or laser liposuction, burns may also be an issue. Less severe risks include bruising, scarring, and blood loss. Aesthetic problems may occur as well, such as a puckered or lumpy appearance to the treated area, asymmetry, or areas of differing skin pigmentation, which may cause the affected area to appear a different color than the surrounding skin.

Normally, patients who have undergone chin liposuction can go back to participating in daily activities within a week or two, though it will take a few months to completely heal. Common complaints for the healing period are from people concerned that the results do not look dramatic enough. While in some cases there might not have been enough fat removed, the majority of people are simply confusing swollen tissue for fat, an issue that will go away with time and healing.

Most surgeons agree that, in the case of plastic surgery, bargain shopping is not a good idea. Results are likely to depend heavily on the method of liposuction being used and the doctor performing the procedure. Regardless of the price, it is important for each individual to research a reputable plastic surgeon and determine which liposuction method is appropriate for him or her.

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