What is Cement Siding? (with picture)

Ken Black
Ken Black
Cinder blocks can be used in cement siding.
Cinder blocks can be used in cement siding.

Cement siding is the outside siding or walls of a building that are made from a cement material. The siding may be poured in molds at the site, or it may be poured in molds away from the site and transported to the building location. Cement siding can also be cinder blocks. Many refer to stucco as cement siding as well.

Cement siding is a very popular type of house siding, especially in southern regions of the United States where hurricanes are prevalent. Cement is one of the easiest way to meet stringent hurricane building codes that are in force in some areas of the Southeast. However, even for other locations where wind may be a big factor from time to time, concrete siding is a popular option.

Commercial properties seem to be one of the most popular applications for cement siding. Due to the fact it is relatively cheap and durable, commercial buildings tend to choose this as one of the first options. Often, the owners of these buildings are concerned more about their daily commerce activities and would rather not take the time or money to worry about substantial building maintenance. Newer commercial buildings, especially larger ones, often use poured-in-form cement for the walls.

Another type of popular siding is cinder block siding. While some may not prefer the looks of a cinder block home, it can be painted in a variety of colors. Other materials can be added to the outside of the cinder block, including vinyl siding, though the process for installing siding it is a little different. Most of the time, the cinder blocks serve as the siding for the home as well.

One of the more visually appealing forms of cement siding is stucco. This gives homes more of a Spanish or Mediterranean feel and is often used with Spanish-tiled roofs, though it can also be used with fiberglass shingles and look just as impressive. Stucco has unique textures, can be painted any number of different colors, and is very durable. It is a mixture of cement and lime.

Another form of cement siding that has caught on in recent years is known as fiber cement siding. This siding gives the appearance of wood siding or vinyl siding, but has the durability of cement. Further, the Portland Cement Association, a industry organization promoting the use of cement, claims the paint will last several years longer on cement siding than it will on wood.

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    • Cinder blocks can be used in cement siding.
      Cinder blocks can be used in cement siding.