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What is Concrete Siding?

Luke Arthur
Luke Arthur

Concrete siding is a type of home siding that is made of concrete which is designed to look like other exteriors. There are different types of concrete siding available, including fiber cement boards, concrete boards, and mortarless masonry. This siding is often made to look like wood or bricks, although even stucco is a concrete-based siding. Concrete siding can provide a homeowner with a number of benefits, including cost savings, durability, and the ability to keep insects out.

Part of the appeal of concrete siding is that it can be altered to look like a number of other siding options. This allows the homeowner to achieve a number of different styles, colors, and textures with the siding. Installers of this type of siding can use a number of different dyes and patterns to create a customized look on the outside of the house. This allows homeowners to create a look that is unique and attractive to others.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

One of the primary advantages of concrete siding is that it can save the homeowner money. When installing it for the first time, concrete is generally comparable in price to other types of siding, and may even be less expensive. The real savings, however, comes from not having to provide as much maintenance to the siding. In most cases, it does not have to be repaired or replaced as frequently as other types of siding, so the long-term costs will often be much less than what homeowners can expect from other siding types.

Another big advantage of concrete siding is that it is extremely durable and versatile. This type of siding can be used on homes in many different climates. It is not susceptible to water or moisture, and it can withstand a beating; it is also not easily damaged by severe weather like other types of siding can be. If something hits the side of the house, like a ball, it will simply bounce off the concrete, whereas other types of siding may be damaged.

Concrete siding also has the ability to keep insects out. With wood siding, insects such as termites could eventually be an issue for the homeowner. The termites can get into the wood siding and destroy it. When dealing with concrete, bugs cannot penetrate the surface of the siding. This can help prevent decay, as well as keep bugs out of the house.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill