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What is Business Copywriting?

D. Jeffress
D. Jeffress

Business copywriting is the process of developing advertisements and informative articles for different types of goods and services. Professionals who write copy come up with creative, original slogans and ideas on how to grab the attention of the general public. Copywriters usually specialize in generating advertisements for print publications, websites, television commercials, or radio broadcasts. A large corporation might hire a team of business copywriting experts to create advertisements regarding the various products and services offered by the company. The majority of professional writers, however, work at private consulting firms or provide contracted freelance services to many different clients.

A writer first communicates with clients or company executives to get a general idea of what is expected in an advertisement. He or she may be asked to come up with a simple, catchy slogan or construct an entire brochure or educational pamphlet on a certain good or service, such as a travel cruise. Writers frequently go through several drafts before perfecting their ideas and getting them down on paper. Flexibility and patience, therefore, are extremely important in business copywriting.

Some business copywriters create commercial scripts for radio broadcasts.
Some business copywriters create commercial scripts for radio broadcasts.

Many copywriters, especially those who create online and print advertisements, are engaged in other aspects of an advertising campaign. A professional may be asked to design an entire Internet banner or website, which involves not only clever writing but also detailed computer programming and visual editing. The copywriter must understand what types of colors, graphics, and sounds are most likely to capture the attention of an Internet user and persuade him or her to click on an advertisement.

Some highly skilled business copywriters create commercial scripts for television and radio broadcasts. A copywriter usually conducts research about the type of product or service that is being offered and speaks with managers or representatives from the broadcasting company to develop a concept. Based on the company's wishes, a writer might construct witty dialogue, create a funny or embarrassing situation, or provide detailed, serious information. Business copywriting for radio and television usually involves the input of several writers, audio and video editors, and advertising managers to create successful, entertaining campaigns.

An individual who is interested in business copywriting can pursue many different educational and training paths to enter the field. Most professional copywriters hold college degrees in journalism, advertising, communications, or other related fields. Many new writers begin their careers as freelancers, where they may exclusively write copy or broaden their services to include article composition, editing, fiction and nonfiction writing, or grant proposals. Individuals who find employment at consulting firms or large companies usually enjoy many advancement opportunities with enough time and experience. Successful business copywriters often pursue careers as advertising or public relations managers.

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    • Some business copywriters create commercial scripts for radio broadcasts.
      By: morchella
      Some business copywriters create commercial scripts for radio broadcasts.