How Do I Choose the Best Funny Business Ideas?

G. Wiesen

The best funny business ideas for you are likely to depend upon the type of business you want to start or join and your own skills and background. You might consider fairly standard business ideas with a comedic or unusual twist to them, such as a travel agency for inanimate objects or a service that sells unusual objects. There are also some funny business ideas that are more directly connected to comedy and selling humor, such as a career in writing jokes or humorous books. You can also look into funny careers in small scale entertainment, such as party entertainment.

An entertainment startup business may include karaoke services.
An entertainment startup business may include karaoke services.

Funny business ideas typically refer to those job ideas that are humorous or are in some way involved in the comedy or entertainment industries. Standard business ideas can be made unusual or comedic by simply finding an angle you can approach them from that seems silly or strange. There is a company, for example, that offers vacation packages for stuffed animals, which allows you to ship a stuffed animal to them and they will take pictures of your animal in exotic locales. Funny business ideas can often involve strange businesses or products for pets, such as wigs and costumes for different animals.

Funny business ideas may involve comedy.
Funny business ideas may involve comedy.

You should also consider some funny business ideas that are more directly involved in comedy or in bringing humor and laughter into people’s lives. Comedy writers, for example, often write jokes for television shows, movies, and stand-up comedians, as well as comedic books and articles for magazines and newspapers. You might also consider funny business ideas involved in practical jokes and pranks, allowing you to start a company that sells your services as a prankster to other people. There may be legal issues with this type of company that you should consider, however, but you may be able to start a business in which you help people play jokes on friends and family members.

Other types of funny business ideas can be involved in entertainment, even on a local level. One company, for example, offers to hire out dancers to parties to help get people to start dancing. You could also start a business in which you provide shuttle or transportation services for people going to or from bars and parties, in which you continue to provide an atmosphere of fun and celebration through interior lighting, karaoke machines, or other features. Funny business ideas may be difficult to initially launch, however, since investors may be unsure of them, but you might still find a way to make a good idea profitable.

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