What is Bonded Rubber?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Bonded rubber is typically made from recycled tires.
Bonded rubber is typically made from recycled tires.

Bonded rubber is a durable surfacing material used in many industries. Due to its resilience, it is often used for products that remain outdoors, as it can stay strong under nearly any weather condition. This material is typically made of recycled rubber, usually in the form of old shredded tires.

One of the most common uses for bonded rubber is as a surface for playgrounds. It is typically seamless, and quite porous so that water can go right through it. It does not absorb water or allow it to puddle, nor does it freeze. Some companies offer only earth tones when it comes to adding some color to the bonded rubber surface, but others sell the material in nearly any shade.

This material is good for other outdoor applications for the same reasons that it is useful for playground surfaces. For example, all-weather tracks are usually made of this substance, particularly because it dries much faster than most other materials, and does not fade much over time. Pool decks can also be covered in bonded rubber, making slippage nearly impossible since it rarely allows puddles to form. Fitness trails, courtyards, picnic areas, sport courts, and indoor gyms are also all good candidates for this type of surfacing. This is partially due to its several safety advantages and somewhat low cost.

When used as a playground surface, bonded rubber is typically mixed with polyurethane adhesive. It can be blended together to create a strong bond between the materials. It is usually affordable, but in most cases, it needs to be installed by professionals. The original surface will need to be prepared carefully before the mixture is poured, and it cannot be at or below the freezing point when it is installed.

Another product that can be made with this type of material is a hose. Most garden hoses seen in the typical household do not have to be made of this material, but those that will be subjected to high pressures are often constructed of bonded rubber. A hydraulic hose is one example, as it needs to be both durable and flexible. In addition, the material is abrasion resistant, which means that it can be used in contact with other surfaces without being damaged.

The depth and height of the material depends largely on the project, and can often be chosen after a consultation with the installing company. Handicap accessibility is often an option if needed. Additionally, it is nontoxic, making it suitable for use by both pets and people of all ages.

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    • Bonded rubber is typically made from recycled tires.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      Bonded rubber is typically made from recycled tires.