What is Audio Hypnosis?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands
Audio hypnosis may be used to help a person quit smoking cigarettes.
Audio hypnosis may be used to help a person quit smoking cigarettes.

Audio hypnosis refers to the use of recorded suggestions to train the mind. Audio hypnotism is deemed effective because it leads the mind toward relaxation while planting suggestions in the subconscious mind to help correct bad habits, control pain, resolve mental conflicts or increase awareness in certain areas. This is accomplished by using what is known as a hypnotism script where a trained hypnotist, hypnotherapist or even a lay person records one or more audio hypnosis sessions focused on a specific outcome and which a person can repeatedly listen to in a relaxed environment in an effort to achieve a desired effect.

Among the countless uses for this type of treatment, some may use audio hypnosis to learn how to fall asleep more quickly, to help stop smoking cigarettes or to help calm anxiety. Clinically, audio hypnosis is even useful in boosting a person’s immune system, as it can help ease stress and enhance mood, which strengthens the body against viral attacks. Doctors experienced in clinical hypnotism routinely recommend guided imagery exercises and audio hypnotism to patients suffering from anxiety disorders and chronic pain symptoms.

Some may confuse audio hypnosis with putting a person to sleep while a hypnotist takes control of a person’s mind. Such does not apply to true hypnosis, however, as a person in a hypnotized state is actually in a heightened state of awareness and never enters a sleeping state. While some may prefer to close their eyes during hypnotism, which may give the appearance of being asleep, others prefer to keep their eyes open, which is also completely possible while in a hypnotized state. In either case, individuals are wide awake, but have allowed their minds to almost completely tune out all other disturbances and are, instead, intensely focused on the suggestions being offered during audio hypnosis.

Audio hypnosis has many practical as well as clinical uses. When engaging in clinical hypnotism, the mind-body connection is a point of focus used to help patients control pain and treat a variety of physical conditions that also have psychological components, such as eating disorders and stress disorders. There is also evidence that suggests that other types of hypnosis, such as covert hypnotism or conversational hypnosis, are used by public speakers and advertisers to sway a group’s actions simply by pacing conversations and repeating key statements to lead listeners to a desired action, but without the listeners being aware that such a control effort is taking place.

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    • Audio hypnosis may be used to help a person quit smoking cigarettes.
      Audio hypnosis may be used to help a person quit smoking cigarettes.