What are the Different Types of Hypnotism for Confidence Treatments?

Amanda R. Bell
Amanda R. Bell
Woman in breeze
Woman in breeze

Many people from all over the world turn to hypnotism for confidence boosting. It can be used for an overall increase of self image or to address certain issues such as public speaking or approaching a potential partner. While there are many different types of hypnotism treatments on the market, audio hypnotism and clinical hypnotism have generally been shown to be most effective for hypnotism for confidence.

Audio hypnotism, sometimes refereed to as self hypnotism, has helped many people reach their life or career goals by increasing their confidence. While many do not believe there is any value in this type of hypnotism, proponents insist that as long as one is in the right frame of mind, the treatment can be effective and helpful. Audio hypnotism treatments are available in CD, tape, and mp3 format and can be purchased online or in some brick-and-mortar stores.

Self hypnotism can be performed in the comfort and safety of one's own home. Most regimens consist of different levels of treatment. For those looking to improve their confidence in interacting with other people, a system may include a hypnotism audio for approaching and talking to people, making eye contact, and eliminating any anxiety while engaging in these activities. Each file or segment usually begins with speaking or sounds meant to lull the participant into a trance. Once in the trance, the person then listens to suggestions to improve confidence.

These hypnotic suggestions aim to give participants a strong visual of themselves accomplishing what they wish to attain, thereby providing them with a stronger sense of ability. In more detailed forms of audio hypnotism, the treatment often includes teaching the participant to feel a certain way when faced with a trigger. For those who need help with public speaking, the treatment may include helping subjects imagine themselves feeling calm and relaxed in front of a large group, thus enabling them to feel the same emotion in real life. This is also the basic idea behind clinical hypnotism for confidence issues, although a trained specialist rather than a recording provides the guidance.

Clinical hypnotism, sometimes referred to as hypnotherapy, is considered one of the more effective types of hypnotism for confidence treatments. Unlike audio hypnotism, the clinical version is tailored to a subject's specific needs. A professional therapist typically works with the subject in person to lay out detailed goals, and then slowly address each of these goals over a course of several sessions.

While the premise of both clinical and audio hypnotism is the same, clinical hypnotism is considered most effective for treating emotional issues such as lack of confidence. The absence of self-assurance can be tied to any number of emotional issues or feelings. Working with a trained hypnotist can help a subject pinpoint these issues, therefore treating the root cause of the problem rather than simply the problem itself.

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    • Woman in breeze
      Woman in breeze