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What is an Internet Cafe Franchise?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

A franchise is a preformatted business. It eliminates a great deal of the planning and design that otherwise would be necessary when a person considers starting a business. An Internet cafe franchise is a preformatted business that allows people to access the Internet in a public place.

Internet cafes are extremely popular in some cities. In other cities, there is a great deal of potential for these types of businesses. This especially is true in locations where large numbers of people do not have access to the Internet in their homes. Opportunities also are available in areas that are in the process of developing, or busy locations such as city centers and airports.

Many retail businesses offer wireless internet services.
Many retail businesses offer wireless internet services.

An Internet cafe franchise typically allows a person to exploit these opportunities without too much business planning. If a person wanted to open an Internet cafe without a franchise, there are many things that he would have to consider. For example, he would need to consider how the business will run to make it viable. He would have to assess the amount of capital necessary. Also, he may have to develop an attractive plan to entice investors who may be hesitant about putting their money into an unrecognized brand.

Internet cafes usually sell designer coffee drinks and espressos.
Internet cafes usually sell designer coffee drinks and espressos.

If he chooses an Internet cafe franchise, many of his questions will be answered and solutions will be provided. As with most franchise opportunities, a start-up fee generally is required. This eliminates the research and guesswork regarding the necessary amount of investment capital.

A franchise usually involves the use of a logo. If the franchise already is recognized and successful, this can be a benefit in two important ways. First, it usually will reduce the effort that is required by the newly opened branch to advertise and get people acquainted with the business. Second, it is likely to make attracting investors an easier task since they may be familiar with the brand.

Since a business that operates as part of a franchise carries the logo of the franchise, most franchise owners strive to protect their image. In doing so, they provide assistance that can help prevent a new business from failing. For example, many franchises are involved in determining the location of new branches. This can be a great aid to those who have little or no business experience, or to those who have not properly researched the market.

An Internet cafe franchise also can provide other solutions. The software that is used to manage the cafe usually is predetermined. Pricing structures may be preset. Items may be sold in the cafe such as office supplies or beverages. Connections with suppliers and wholesale prices already may be arranged, as well.

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@Melonlity -- Starbucks may be dominant in a lot of areas, but there is still room for some niche Internet cafes to pop up and compete.

For example, I once saw an Internet cafe that was housed in a tobacco store. That was a brilliant move in this day and age where smoking is outright banned in most public places. The target market, then, was simply not served by most Internet cafes and an enterprising company saw that clearly and built a place just for tobacco users.

That's just one example of finding a niche and filling it. There are certainly others.


You can't help but wonder how viable these businesses are in most areas where Starbucks are available in abundance. That company has almost cornered the market in a lot of towns. Has another business that is centered around the Internet cafe been able to challenge Starbucks' dominance?

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    • Many retail businesses offer wireless internet services.
      By: Robert Kneschke
      Many retail businesses offer wireless internet services.
    • Internet cafes usually sell designer coffee drinks and espressos.
      By: winston
      Internet cafes usually sell designer coffee drinks and espressos.