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What is an Interior Design Show?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

An interior design show is an event that includes displays of new trends and designs for interiors. Designers and vendors in the interior design business register for display booths to exhibit their designs and products to attendees of the show. Each exhibitor is given a booth number, and lists of exhibitors and their booth numbers are usually available at the entrance to the interior design show so attendees can plan which booths to visit. Interior design shows are usually held in a stadium or convention center where there is ample parking as well as easy access to public transportation. Shows for the interior design industry are likely to be held annually and run for several days, such as at the end of the week through the weekend.

Interior design shows bring home product companies, designers, retail store buyers, design publication reporters and consumers together. Consumers attend the shows to get ideas and consider home improvement products to buy for their homes, while design publication reporters interview designers and photograph and/or write about new design trends for stories for their magazines or newspapers. Buyers for retail stores that sell home design products attend an interior design show to look for new items for their shops, while interior designers view new possibilities for products to use in designs for their clients. Home product companies rent booth space at interior design shows to promote their products or services.

A home decorated by an interior designer.
A home decorated by an interior designer.

Most interior design shows feature a wide selection of vendors that sell everything from appliances such as refrigerators to accessories like area rugs. Fireplace companies may display their latest mantles and heating designs in their booths, while a carpeting business' exhibit may have samples of its newest types of carpet. Remodeling experts may also appear at a home design show to promote their renovation services by handing out brochures and business cards at their booths as well as speaking to attendees about the work they do.

Demonstrators and speakers may be a part of an interior design show. For example, renovators may demonstrate cabinet building techniques or host a workshop on what to consider when remodeling a home, while speakers may be celebrity interior designers. A celebrity interior designer is one who has his or her own television design show and has attracted a fan following. Celebrity designers can help attract attendees to an interior design show.

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    • A home decorated by an interior designer.
      By: slavun
      A home decorated by an interior designer.