What does an Interior Design Business do?

Jessica Hobby

An interior design business is a business firm that specializes in helping its clients design the interior spaces of their home or business. The design of an interior space can include multiple aspects. Therefore, an interior design business may help clients with a variety of different projects ranging from layout to furnishing, or it may complete the whole project. It is important to note that interior design is very different than interior decorating. The process of design requires following a specific methodology and process, while decorating usually involves lower budget jobs that are primarily based on renovations.

Once an interior designer is familiar with the client’s goals, she will draw preliminary plans.
Once an interior designer is familiar with the client’s goals, she will draw preliminary plans.

The first responsibility of an interior designer, who may own their own interior design business or be employed by someone else’s, is to meet with her client and get a solid idea of the client’s needs and wants. Once the designer is familiar with the client’s goals, she will draw preliminary plans. When a designer formulates preliminary sketches, she follows the basic principles of interior design, such as balance, rhythm and harmony.

In addition to following interior design principles, interior designers are concerned with the functionality of a space. Similarly, they always meet all governmental requirements regarding public health and safety. These requirements include things such code compliance and accessibility guidelines. Designers who specialize in environmentally friendly design will give extra attention to environmental guidelines and sustainability.

Once a designer completes his concept, he must choose materials, colors and finishes to properly convey the concept. Additionally, the designer chooses the fixtures, cabinets or other millwork and furniture for the space. A project budget and construction documents are required for the client. The project designer or another employee at the interior design firm will assist with these items.

While an interior designer is working on a project, he will usually be required to collaborate and cooperate with a variety of other design professionals. Usually these professionals are specialty consultants, such as structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. The different phases of a project may be completed by a different individual from an interior design business.

Most designers are capable of universal design, but many designers choose to concentrate on a specific discipline within the chosen field of residential or commercial interior design. Residential designers may specialize in kitchen and bathroom design, design for the elderly or multifamily housing design. Commercial designers may specialize in health care design, hospitality design, workspace design or retail design.

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