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What is an Information Technician?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

An information technician, sometimes referred to as an IT specialist, is someone who has been specially trained to keep computer systems operating smoothly. This occupation may also include special development of computer system designs and other programs within an operating system. The information technician may also be involved in computer graphic development to some extent.

Computer information technicians have to receive extensive training, which includes basic and very advanced information about computer operations. For some positions in this field, an advanced degree is required or preferred. Many IT positions require certification as well. On-the-job training with other qualified technicians is often necessary at the beginning of a career as an information technician.

An information technician working.
An information technician working.

Some people in this field work as computer systems administrators. These people are responsible for all aspects of operation within a computer or network. One typical responsibility of computer information technicians is to install computer hardware and programs. The technician will see that the hardware and software are properly maintained and optimized for all computer functions. The IT man also does a good deal of troubleshooting, answering questions, and resolving issues from clients or within his company.

Many IT specialists work for large companies. Finding work in a retail environment is another possibility for an information technician. Most retail stores and warehouses utilize advanced computers, which must be accurate and reliable. The computer information technician may be called in to perform routine maintenance or upgrade computer systems.

Many businesses rely on the expertise of the IT specialist to keep business operations running smoothly. If a company's computer system fails, this can mean substantial loss in sales or revenue. To safeguard against potential loss of profit, a computer system must be well managed. This will avoid crashes and potential slowing of the operations system. The information technician's job is to diagnose possible threats to the computer system and find a solution to problems that may compromise productivity.

Information technician careers may be categorized into various specialties, including health information technician. These technical jobs in the medical industry may involve work in a hospital or a physician's office. Possessing skills in word processing and data entry are typical requirements. The health IT specialist will also keep and manage patient medical records.

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    • An information technician working.
      An information technician working.