What is an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
An industrial vacuum cleaner can often remove carpet stains.
An industrial vacuum cleaner can often remove carpet stains.

An industrial vacuum cleaner is a machine that is used to clean commercial areas, such as offices, factories, and stores. They are similar to the vacuums used in homes, but are usually of better quality and are capable of cleaning much larger areas of space faster than smaller units. Suction is generally greater in industrial models, and they are designed to last longer than at-home models so they can be used more frequently. This makes them very beneficial to business owners.

In most cases, an industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to be more efficient and easier to use than smaller models. They have more power with larger motors, making them better for cleaning very large surface areas. Many of them also have a larger storage capacity in the bag on canister. It is not uncommon for an industrial vacuum cleaner to have a canister model with an attachment hose which connects to the cleaning nozzle. Additional attachments are also common, allowing the cleaner to reach into tighter areas and to clean various types of surfaces.

Some industrial cleaners have shampoo attachments as well. This allows these models to spot treat stains on carpets and other areas. They are often used by professional carpet cleaners or small business owners with high foot traffic through their stores or offices.

Some very large industrial vacuum cleaners are used in factories and other settings. This allows them to pick up larger pieces of debris and hold more than smaller models. There are also cleaning companies who clean houses and smaller office buildings who may benefit from an industrial vacuum cleaner. Because they are more powerful and longer lasting, business owners will have to replace equipment less often and can clean smaller spaces in less time than with a traditional vacuum.

The price of an industrial vacuum cleaner is often much more than an at-home model. Exact prices can range dramatically depending on the capacity and motor size of each unit. Overall, prices can range from a couple hundred to a few thousand US Dollars (USD). For this reason, business owners or operators should choose the lowest priced items that will still meet their needs.

Homeowners do not usually require an industrial vacuum cleaner for everyday spills and messes. That said, if one can afford the expense, there is no real reason why a homeowner should use a commercial or industrial model for the benefit of having a longer lasting vacuum. It should be noted, however, that when cleaning a small area, the savings are minute in comparison to the upfront expense. This is especially true with higher end home vacuum systems.

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@Laotionne - I worked at a resort cleaning rooms one summer when I was in college, and we used the regular vacuum cleaners. Actually, the vacuums were rather old, but they did a good job considering. Whether or not you need an industrial or commercial vacuum cleaner depends on how large the spaces are that you clean.

As I said, the home vacuum cleaners worked fine for us in the hotel rooms.


@Laotionne - When my friend first started his carpet cleaning business he didn't have any extra money so he would use the vacuum cleaners of the customer whose carpet he was cleaning. He did it that way for a couple years until he finally bought a vacuum cleaner.

Once he started buying his own vacuum cleaners for work, I remember him complaining that they didn't hold up very long. At that time he was buying the standard cleaners like people use in their homes. In my opinion, if you're doing a lot of cleaning then you will need a sturdy commercial vacuum cleaner.


Are the industrial vacuum cleaners really necessary for a small cleaning business? Are they a good investment or are they an extra expense that can be avoided by buying the regular home vacuum cleaners and using them instead?

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    • An industrial vacuum cleaner can often remove carpet stains.
      An industrial vacuum cleaner can often remove carpet stains.