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What is a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

Micki Elizabeth
Micki Elizabeth

A commercial vacuum cleaner is a cleaning appliance typically powered by electricity that uses a pumping device to suck dirt, dust, and other particles from a floor into a bag or chamber inside the appliance. These vacuums often come in an upright position with a handle to guide its movement, though they can also come as a smaller, lighter device worn like a backpack. Some models are small enough to be hand held. A commercial vacuum cleaner may be used in the home, but is more commonly used in larger buildings characteristic of commerce, such as offices or hotels. These appliances may be more powerful and expensive than vacuums used in the home, but cheaper and less powerful than industrial vacuum cleaners.

A commercial vacuum cleaner is predominantly used to decrease the amount of harmful, unhealthy dirt and dust in carpets and other floor surfaces. Floors may be the dirtiest surface in any home, school, or workplace because people tend to track in dirt and other matter inside via the bottom of the shoes. Not only does this affect the cleanliness of a space; the dirt may also contain bacteria, allergens, and other health-threatening components. These particles can become airborne or may be especially harmful to children that tend to play on the ground.

A commercial vacuum cleaner reduces the amount of harmful dirt in an area.
A commercial vacuum cleaner reduces the amount of harmful dirt in an area.

Often, a commercial vacuum cleaner can be relatively heavy and powerful; thus, the upright models are usually the easiest to use. One typically plugs in the appliance and turns the device on—the resulting suction at the bottom of the machine should then begin to pull in unwanted particles off the floor. The dirt is either trapped in a chamber that may be emptied and reused, or in replaceable bags. When using any vacuum cleaner, one should take care when emptying the chamber or removing the bags, as dust and dirt may become airborne. A face mask can be used for protection.

Different models and tools are available when considering a commercial vacuum cleaner. Smaller vacuums may be light enough to hold in one hand or wear on the back. Attachments are often provided to make access to tight spaces, such as corners, somewhat easier for the user.

Commercial vacuum cleaners can be purchased via several online outlets or at most stores with a home appliances section. The commercial version of this appliance may be best-suited to those wishing to clean large spaces in which a high amount of traffic is expected on a day-to-day basis. These places may include businesses, schools, or facilities. Industrial vacuum cleaners are also available, though these models are typically used in warehouses, production lines, and other areas where dust and dirt levels may be extremely high.

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    • A commercial vacuum cleaner reduces the amount of harmful dirt in an area.
      By: Constantinos
      A commercial vacuum cleaner reduces the amount of harmful dirt in an area.