What is an Ice Machine?

Shannon Kietzman

An ice machine is a piece of equipment that makes and stores ice. It is useful in a home because it ensures there is always ice on hand for recipes and for keeping drinks cold. The machine is also an indispensable item to have on hand when entertaining guests.

An ice machine makes ice.
An ice machine makes ice.

When entertaining large numbers of guests in the home, an ice machine ensures there will be plenty of ice for guests’ drinks. It also creates enough ice to place around food items to help keep them cool as they sit at a buffet table waiting to be served. In the case of outdoor entertaining, this ice can be used to fill coolers in order to keep beverages cool. Coolers can also be filled with the ice when going on trips.

Nightclubs typically have at least one ice machine on the premises.
Nightclubs typically have at least one ice machine on the premises.

Most modern day refrigerators have ice makers built into them. While the ice these refrigerators make may be adequate for low volume daily use, they are not capable of producing and storing nearly as much ice as an ice machine. A typical home machine can produce around 95 pounds (45 kg) of ice in a 24-hour period.

Another advantage to an ice machine is that some have the ability to be set to create different types of ice. For example, most can be programmed to create cubed ice or flaked ice depending on the intended use of the ice. It is possible to purchase a machine that only produces cubed ice or that only creates flaked ice, however.

These machines are also commonly used for commercial purposes. Schools, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, medical facilities, office lunchrooms, supermarkets, and nightclubs often have at least one machine on their premises. In this case, it is intended to serve the needs of customers and employees. An industrial ice machine is used by companies that use large volumes of ice, such as those that package ice for retail sale. This type can produce as much as 110 tons (99,790 kg) of ice per day.

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