How Do I Choose the Best Used Ice Machine?

Mark Wollacott

When looking for the best used ice machine, you are looking for a product that performs its function well, but is available at a lower cost than a brand new version. When buying any used product, you need to be extra careful about the product’s quality because it is not covered by a warranty or guarantee from the maker. In order to choose the best used ice machine, you need to know exactly what you are looking for and what your budget is and you need to do your research.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Think about why you need an ice machine. There are a number of reasons for wanting one. Also consider how many people you want the machine to serve and whether you want it to be easily portable. It is possible to find portable ice machines, both new and used, so this is an option worth bearing in mind.

One option you have is to research new brands of ice machine so you can decide what used ice machine you are looking for. Once you have made your decision, you can look for used versions of those machines. The advantage is that you can visit stores and get information from sales staff. The disadvantage is that the newer the brand, the less likely it is to be available in a used form.

The first port of call when looking for used products is your local used product shop, followed by second-hand dealers and local adverts. Check the local publications and shop windows for adverts. Finding an advert for a used ice machine in this manner is down to sheer luck and the choices are likely to be limited.

Used appliance shops will offer more options and good prices. They will, however, be more expensive than other options such as the Internet. You will, though, be able to inspect the product before you buy it and you will be able to talk to sales staff about the product. Do your research and get quotes, but remember that unlike regular chain stores, used stores are less likely to have a conveyor belt of products to replace those sold.

Check the Internet for used item websites and auction sites. The advantage of these sites is a greater choice and being able to search the whole of your country and/or neighboring countries for products. The disadvantage is that you cannot inspect the ice machine before you buy it.

In these circumstances, it is vital that you do two things. First, insist on seeing photographs and warranties for the used ice machine. Second, make sure there is a course of action you can take if the product you buy is unsatisfactory or does not perform its advertised duties.

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