What Is an Eyebrow Enhancer?

N. Swensson

An eyebrow enhancer is a cosmetic product that is used to define the eyebrows to help them stand out. There are many types of eyebrow enhancers, from loose or pressed powders to liquids or pencils. Each of these products is applied differently and will give a different look — some dramatic and others more subtle. A good technique for applying eyebrow enhancer is to first use a brow brush to comb all the hairs into place and then lightly fill in bare spots, beginning at the highest point on the top of the brow and moving down and outward. To avoid an overly dark or heavy brow, it is important to choose a color that closely matches the existing hair.

Before applying an eyebrow enhancer, brush or comb the hairs into place.
Before applying an eyebrow enhancer, brush or comb the hairs into place.

Eyebrow enhancer products come in a variety of formulations and colors. Perhaps the most widely used is the brow pencil, which looks like eyeliner but is usually a harder consistency for lighter application. The pencil should be brushed lightly over the existing hairs with feathery strokes to avoid looking like the eyebrows have been drawn on the face. Pencils can be most useful for those with sparse, thin, or light-colored brows because they help to create depth and definition.

A eyebrow brush may be used to apply a darkening powder to the eyebrow.
A eyebrow brush may be used to apply a darkening powder to the eyebrow.

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Another type of eyebrow enhancer comes in powder form, either pressed or loose. These products are applied with a brush, and usually a small angled shape works the best. Whether to use the loose or pressed variety is largely a matter of personal taste, but the loose powder can be messier and may go on heavier. Powders are usually best for those with thicker brows who want to fill in a few thin spots or slightly darken the color and won’t work as well as pencils for defining the shape. Using a wet brush with the powder can help to get a slightly thicker application. As with pencils, it’s important to use light strokes and apply the product sparingly.

People with thick brows without thin spots may still want to use an eyebrow enhancer to keep the hair in place throughout the day. In these cases, an eyebrow gel may be the best choice. These products are clear, so they will not change the color of the brows and require use of a brush similar to those used for mascara. The gel can be lightly brushed onto the eyebrows to set them in place and give a very subtle definition. It is important to apply this product very sparingly, as using too much can give a very stiff, unnatural appearance.

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