How Do I Choose the Best Eyebrow Powder?

Lainie Petersen

When choosing an eyebrow powder, you should consider your preference for specific types of products, the shade of the powder, as well as its cost. When possible, sample the powder before making a purchase. You may also wish to speak with a makeup professional when trying to select the correct shade of eyebrow powder for your complexion. In all cases, make sure that you carefully read the ingredients list before making your final choice.

Eyebrow powder should be a shade or two darker than the hair color.
Eyebrow powder should be a shade or two darker than the hair color.

Eyebrow powders are favored by many people who believe that they can give wearers a more natural look than waxy pencils or liquid brow tints. The powders themselves can come in one of several forms. The first is a small pot of powder that resembles eye shadow. Wearers can use a small, stiff brush to apply the powder to the brow area. The second is an eyebrow powder pencil in which the powder is packed into a brow pencil. This type of eyebrow cosmetic can give the user a considerable amount of control over where she places her eyebrow color. Another option is the eyebrow powder and wax duo, which pairs a powder with a tinted eyebrow wax in a single container or palette.

Patchy eyebrows can be filled out using eyebrow powder and a filler brush.
Patchy eyebrows can be filled out using eyebrow powder and a filler brush.

When you have decided on your preferred type of eyebrow powder, you can then begin to search for a shade that is suitable for you. A shade that is too dark can look harsh and make you appear older than you really are. On the other hand, a powder that is too light will not give your brows the definition that they need. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance from a friend, makeup artist, or cosmetic counter representative who can help you find your most flattering shade.

The eye area can be very sensitive, so it is a good idea to make sure that any cosmetic used on or around the eyes does not contain ingredients that may irritate your eyes or the delicate skin surrounding them. If you are aware that you are sensitive to certain cosmetic ingredients, be sure to read the ingredients label on any eyebrow powder that you consider in order to prevent causing irritation to your eyes. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the cost of the powders. You may find that there is actually no connection between cost and quality, so you may wish to find an eyebrow powder that both enhances your appearance but is not unreasonably expensive.

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To be honest, I don't use powder made for eyebrows. I use a regular eye shadow to fill in my brows. Technically, there isn't much difference between eye shadow and eyebrow powder. It's just that eyebrow powder comes in a different range of colors (in shades of hair color).

I use the light brown color in my very good quality eye shadow palette to fill in the sparse areas of my brow. I use a small/fine tipped eye shadow brush to apply it. Those who want can also apply eyebrow wax afterward to keep the color in place, but I haven't had any problems without using wax.


@burcinc-- I suggest getting an eyebrow powder palette with different shades. Even if one of the shades do not match your eyebrows, you can always mix two or more shades to get the shade that does.

My sister naturally has dirty blonde hair and she has a hard time finding a matching eyebrow powder as well. She finally solved the problem with a good eyebrow powder palette. She mixes the lightest color with the one shade darker color and her eyebrows look great.


I can't seem to find an eyebrow powder that matches my brows. I've tried so many products until now but the powder is either too light or too dark for me. I'm so tired of this, I think I'm going to give up and stop looking.

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