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What is an Environmental Health Manager?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

An environmental health manager oversees, coordinates, and manages activities involving environmental health programs within his jurisdiction or division. Typically, this includes a county or township. This person's job is to ensure public safety in all areas of environmental issues. The environmental health manager determines health risks to the public by assessing dangers and high risk factors.

In most cases, inspectors and other workers within an environmental agency must report to and work under the close supervision of an environmental health manager. Subordinates will meet with and confer with the manager regarding all aspects of work, including findings that might point to safety issues. Other essential functions of the environmental health manager include evaluating the work ethics and performance of his subordinates.

Man holding a globe
Man holding a globe

The environmental health manager may perform environmental research. This research may include investigating the effects of airborne pollutants as well as contaminants in water. Assessing chemical risks and toxic risks may be crucial aspects of the research program with which the environmental health manager is involved. An environmental health manager also might be in charge of developing safety plans and evacuation plans, and investigating public risk factors.

A manager of environment health programs will also routinely produce reports and documents. He may present his findings to a government board, or give speeches on environmental health and safety. He may be directly responsible for documenting environmental information for government agencies.

Most environmental health managers will have significant experience in training and administrative duties. He will typically need to be knowledgeable on matters such as regulations regarding public sewer systems, plumbing, landfills, and any applicable codes. Someone in an environmental health manager job will need leadership skills because he will have to train and supervise other employees.

Sometimes the township or county may be in need of funding for a specific project or program. In these instances, the environmental health manager may be in charge of seeking a grant. He will have to understand how to navigate governmental funding regulations to get money for his agency.

This job likely will involve working directly with other government organizations. In conjunction with other agencies, an environmental health manager will development programs that educate the public. The health manager will also associate with building contractors to maintain quality engineering. Health sanitation experience is typically mandatory. Most often, one would a bachelor's degree to apply for this position.

The requirements of this job may also involve some strenuous physical outdoor activity. Therefore, all environmental health workers must meet physical fitness requirements. They must also have no major health issues to prevent them from fulfilling their obligations.

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    • Man holding a globe
      Man holding a globe