What is an Air Force Recruiter?

Alexis W.
Alexis W.
A USAF recruiter will explain the careers the Air Force has to offer.
A USAF recruiter will explain the careers the Air Force has to offer.

An air force recruiter is an individual who attempts to recruit qualified men and women to join the United States Air Force. The United States Air Force is one of the five branches of the military, along with the Coast Guard, The Army, The Navy, and the Marines. In the United States, the military is an all-volunteer military, so recruiters play an essential job in protecting national security and ensuring a sufficient number of personnel enlist in the armed forces.

An air force recruiter is normally an active duty member of the Air Force. This means that he or she is an enlisted member of the air force, or an officer in the Air Force. Most, but not all, air force recruiters are Officers. Recruitment is considered a "special duty" assignment, and air force recruiters may perform their service anyplace within the US where they are assigned to work at a recruitment center.

An air force recruiter takes appropriate steps to attempt to recruit individuals to join the United States Air Force. Recruiters commonly attend career days or job fairs. Recruiters also visit high school and college students to discuss options for joining the armed forces.

Recruiters normally recruit people to join the armed forces by highlighting the benefits of joining the military. The military offers incentives in the form of educational grants or funding, as well as an excellent benefits package. Officers and enlisted men and women in the air force receive a base salary, a housing allowance, medical and dental insurance, a pension based on their length of service, and other perks as a result of their service.

An air force recruiter usually explains to potential recruits what life in the air force is like. He may share practical experience from his own tours of duty in the air force. He may also provide information on the myriad of different job opportunities within the air force, and on the potential for advancement.

A recruiter also ensures that the men and women he recruits are fit for duty. This can involve helping candidates to prepare for required tests to join the armed forces. Candidates must pass an Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Test before joining, and must also pass a physical fitness test.

Air force recruiters may assist students in preparing for these tests by training with them or providing them with educational materials. An air force recruiter will also speak to students who have taken the tests to let them know their results. Finally, he will prepare men and women who join the armed forces to go to their various training programs.

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    • A USAF recruiter will explain the careers the Air Force has to offer.
      A USAF recruiter will explain the careers the Air Force has to offer.