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What is a Wrist ID?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

A wrist ID is identification that tends to be worn around the wrist. Such an item may also sometimes be referred to as an arm band. The information contained on the arm band varies depending upon the purpose for which it is being used. A person may wear a wrist ID for a number of reasons, such as to identify him as a patient, to identify him as having a medical condition, or to show that he is affiliated with a certain venue.

Medical facilities are one of the most common places to find large numbers of people wearing a wrist ID. Most of the people who wear them in this setting are patients. The purpose for a patient arm band is to communicate important information to the medical staff. The wrist ID may contain the person’s name, date of birth, and patient file number. It can also contain information such as drug allergies, prescribed medications, and special dietary notes.

Man with a backpack
Man with a backpack

In a medical facility, patient arm bands are generally worn during a patient’s entire stay. Sometimes patients will be required to wear one even if they are only receiving outpatient services. People in elderly care facilities may also wear arm bands that contain information similar to those found in medical facilities. They may be required to do this even if they are only residents but have no known health conditions.

A person who is not a patient may decide to wear a medical alert wrist ID. These are often styled like bracelets and can appear to be a normal piece of jewelry. They may be made from a variety of materials such as silver or copper. Such an ID generally provides information about a medical condition in the event that something happens and a person is unable to communicate. People who suffer from seizures, heart conditions, or diabetes may find these useful.

A wrist ID system may also be used at a club, concert, or an outdoor event. There are several reasons why arm bands are used in these settings. In some instances, the wrist ID simply shows that a person has paid and is entitled to be present. In other instances, the wrist ID can be used to show which people are old enough to consume alcohol. These items are also used at times to show which people are allowed in special areas such as backstage or in VIP lounges.

Some parents use wrist IDs in case they get separated from their children. In large or busy areas, such as amusement parks or airports, it is possible that a child can wander off or get lost in a moving crowd. In an attempt to make the situation easy to rectify, the parent may put an arm band on the child. This may have the child’s name, the parent’s name, and a telephone number.

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    • Man with a backpack
      Man with a backpack