What is a Wrist Coil?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

A wrist coil is a popular device for keeping track of things like keys or badges. These could be said to be variations on the wrist lanyard, though they are not made of flat material like lanyards. Instead they’re made of plastic, that is formed into numerous coils, and that loops into a circle. They may have other features, which increase their convenience.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The coil aspect makes these bracelets particularly useful in business applications, where people might wear them to carry a badge or keys. Each coil gives stretch, which means that the average wrist coil may be wearable by people with different size wrists. A person with a larger wrist will stretch the coils slightly, but still tend to be able to comfortably wear this lanyard variation. When people have smaller wrists, the coiling keeps the bracelet snug, reducing the possibility of it slipping off the hand.

There are some provisos with the varying types of wrist coil that are made. Some are made particularly for children, and these would not fit adults very well. Only a certain amount of stretch is offered, and people ordering these for employees of different sizes might want to find out the maximum circumference of a wrist coil, when fully stretched. Those with very small wrists may either need to double the coil to be worn on the wrist, or push it up onto the forearm so it can be securely worn. Ultimately, wrist coils tend to wear out too, and if they are used constantly, the stretch may go, meaning replacement could be needed now and again.

Even with these small drawbacks, there are plenty of employers who see the wrist coil as an excellent device for carrying small items. They are usually perfect for holding onto a key or two, as might be used to open a register or storerooms. Some even have a small plastic key wring that hangs off the coil, providing an easy fit for keys or for an identification badge. Other styles are just the coil, but generally a key ring can easily be fit onto a wrist coil.

It’s not just employers or employees who might view wrist coils as helpful. People who enjoy sports and want to carry a key for home or an ID card, could find one of these bracelets useful. Kids who routinely lose keys might use a wrist coil to keep hold of a house key while at school. These are genderless bracelets and they come in many different colors, so they are unlikely to attract much notice or spoil a child’s fashion sensibilities.

Buying a single wrist coil isn’t that expensive. They can be found for less than five US Dollars (USD) in many locations. Companies making bulk purchases definitely have the advantage when it comes to price. Buying a hundred or more wrist coils may drop individual price of these to about a third of a dollar. In fact, sometimes companies will buy more than they need, to take advantage of lower prices, and to have more coils on hand when the first ones begin to wear out.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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