What is a Wine Backpack?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

A wine backpack can be a terrific gift for the dedicated wine enthusiast who also enjoys picnics. These backpacks come in numerous styles and have various features that can make porting wine on large hikes easier. The wine backpack also provides a way to transport wine carefully and appropriately so that it arrives at destinations in perfectly drinkable form.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Wine totes should be viewed as different than the wine backpack. In most cases backpacks are worn on the back and have one or two shoulder straps. Most wine totes and tote bags can carry a bottle or more of wine, and are usually held in the hand, though some have a single shoulder strap. Simple totes may merely be a piece of fabric that carries one bottle, and isn’t built well for carrying wine over rugged distances. Other totes may contain places to keep glasses and corkscrews, and may have cushioning or insulation. Usually, tote bags are a little harder to carry on hikes and are more practical for use for short walks.

In contrast, a wine backpack is easier to carry since it doesn’t need to be held in the hand. Like some of the larger and fancier wine tote bags, it may feature cushioning, which provides people with a way to carry several bottles of wine at the same time, without worrying about glass bottles breaking. Many backpacks designed to carry wine have insulating features that can help keep wines cold. Others have sectioned areas for things like glasses and corkscrews.

Since it can be cumbersome to carry a wine backpack and additional backpacks or totes that have food, some companies make wine backpacks that can carry food too. Of these the wine and cheese backpack is particularly popular. These may have sections appropriate for things like cheese cutting boards, a few durable plates and delicious bread and cheese for al fresco wining and dining.

Some wine backpacks are sold merely as a backpack and others come with food and wine accessories. Wine and cheese backpacks might include wine glasses, corkscrews, plates, cutting boards, and small knives for slicing cheese. Alternately, people may need to purchase these separately.

Wine stores may sell wine backpacks, but generally, the greatest selection of these is online. People will find numerous sizes, styles, and designs to fit all tastes for wine tasting and picnic needs. Price can vary considerably too and this variance means that shoppers of almost any budget can find a great wine backpack.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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