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What Is a Wig Stand?

Elizabeth West
Elizabeth West

For those who own a wig, a wig stand is a convenient place on which to store, dry and style it. There are several different types, from inexpensive foam heads to suction stands that attach to a table. Regular care and careful storage will help keep a hairpiece looking its best. A good wig is an investment, and a wig stand is only one of several accessories available to keep it clean and tangle-free.

Most people are familiar with full wigs that cover the entire head, or toupées for men seeking to hide bald spots. A wig may have a standard cap to cover the scalp, or an open one to make it more comfortable. Synthetic wigs exist that are virtually indistinguishable from those made of human hair and cost less, although many are designed in a particular style that can't be altered. The most natural-looking wig has a monofilament cap with hand-tied human hair that can be parted and styled in any fashion.

Wig stands are devices that can be used to store, dry, and style a wig.
Wig stands are devices that can be used to store, dry, and style a wig.

All wigs should be stored on a wig stand when not being worn. It doesn't matter what kind of stand is used, since the main purpose is to maintain the shape. For wig wearers on a budget, new or used polystyrene foam heads can be ordered from wig supply retailers. Many wig storage boxes come with this type of stand. A collapsible wig stand made of wire or plastic is usually less expensive, and works well for drying because it allows airflow through the wig.

Some people prefer to use a mannequin wig stand that looks like a real head, with plastic skin and features painted on its face. These are usually weighted so they stay put better than a polystyrene foam head. The polystyrene heads are so light, they sometimes fall over when brushing or styling the wig. One type has a clamp that attaches to a tabletop so it doesn’t slide around. The suction wig stand has a detachable suction cup base to hold it in place.

A freshly-washed wig should not be blow dried; instead, it should always be dried on a stand that allows adequate airflow, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Retailers and salons that sell hairpieces have T-pins to hold the wig in place while brushing and styling, and combs, brushes and rollers, along with special shampoos and conditioners for both human hair and synthetic wigs. Unless manufacturers say otherwise, they should be the only cleansers used. Blow-drying or heat styling will melt synthetic hair and can damage delicate human hair wigs.

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    • Wig stands are devices that can be used to store, dry, and style a wig.
      By: Brian Jackson
      Wig stands are devices that can be used to store, dry, and style a wig.