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How Do I Choose the Best Wig Conditioner?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Wig conditioner is an essential product that helps to keep the locks of all hair soft and intact for longer. Generally, conditioning masks or lotions are used for natural wigs, while leave-in sprays are the preferred method for synthetic versions. The quality of the conditioner is also important to increase the longevity of your wig. When in doubt, consider asking the salesperson for conditioner recommendations to avoid wasting money on products that are not appropriate for your wig.

Human hair wigs require the most care because of the delicacy of the locks. Since these are also the most expensive styles available, you will want to ensure that you use the correct washing and styling products, including wig conditioner. The best type of conditioner for a human hair wig should be free of sulfates, and it should also have a creamy texture. A conditioning mask may be used in place of a traditional wig conditioner once a week to help to keep the hair at its softest.

Wig conditioner.
Wig conditioner.

The process of washing a human hair wig is similar to washing natural locks on your head. After shampooing with the appropriate products, follow up with wig conditioner. The conditioner should be applied evenly throughout the wig and rinsed out with cold water when complete.

Synthetic wigs do not require as much up-keep as their natural counterparts, so the conditioning process is generally easier. After washing the wig in cool water, a leave-in conditioner is sprayed all over the hair. Once the conditioning process is complete, simply leave the wig on a stand to air dry.

Wig conditioners help keep wigs soft and intact for longer.
Wig conditioners help keep wigs soft and intact for longer.

Although the process of washing synthetic hair is relatively easy, this does not mean that you can use just any types of wig styling products. When looking for a wig conditioner, try to find for products that are specifically for synthetic hair, otherwise you can damage it. Also, avoid excessive washing, as the hairs can start to pull apart and look grungy; many experts recommend washing synthetic wigs every two weeks. You may use wig conditioner more often than this as needed if you are wearing straighter or longer styles.

If you cannot find the correct wig conditioner for human or synthetic hair, you might consider asking the company from which you bought the product for recommendations. A salesperson will likely lead you in the right direction in terms of finding the correct products that will not damage your wig. This might also save you time and money from trying out different products on your own, only to find that you do not care for their quality.

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Discussion Comments


Wig conditioner is a must for fine human hair wigs that are prone to tangling. It becomes impossible to brush them otherwise. It's also great for conditioning hair that can be styled with curling irons or straighteners. Synthetic or real, hair becomes damaged when exposed to heat. Wig conditioner helps with recovery.


@ysmina-- I don't think that's a good idea, even if the wig is made of real human hair. Wigs need gentle cleansing. Washing a wig as you would your own hair will wear it out and cause hairs to fall out.

Wig conditioners are usually spray leave-in conditioners that do not require washing. This extends the life of the wig while keeping it soft and shiny. I personally use an aerosol spray wig conditioner. I use it after several wears to help brush out the tangles and return some shine o the wig. This type of conditioner is also great for frizz and actually makes a wig look more real like.

Some people try to make their own spray conditioner by mixing regular hair conditioner and water in a spray bottle. I don't recommend that either because regular conditioner will leave a lot o residue in the wig that will be difficult to clean later.


Can I use regular hair conditioner for my wig? Has anyone done that before?

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    • Wig conditioner.
      By: Irina Brinza
      Wig conditioner.
    • Wig conditioners help keep wigs soft and intact for longer.
      By: Brian Jackson
      Wig conditioners help keep wigs soft and intact for longer.