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What Is a Weekly Diet Plan?

Kate Presto
Kate Presto

A weekly diet plan is a schedule of all meals and snacks for an entire week. The standard daily part of such a plan includes three meals and, possibly, a couple of snacks, and people who use a plan eat according to it with little variation. Examples of a weekly diet plan can be found online or in print, or a person can create his own. People follow weekly meal plans for a variety of reasons, such as to lose weight or to save time. By planning meals for a week, people are less likely to fall back on unhealthy fast food or microwaveable meals, they can consolidate their trips to the grocery store, and they spend less time deciding what to eat and make.

A variety of people are attracted to a weekly diet plan, which can be modified to fit a person's needs. Plans can be designed as a restricted diet, such as vegan or kosher, or not. One popular reason to use a diet plan is to lose weight. Weekly weight loss diet plans are designed to be low in fat and high in healthy nutrients. The calorie content of a weekly diet plan is deliberately lower than a person's caloric needs, so the person burns stored fat and loses weight.

Grocery lists may help people stick to a weekly diet plan.
Grocery lists may help people stick to a weekly diet plan.

Another popular reason for a meal plan is to save time. Most people do not have the time or desire to go to a grocery store every day and then cook their meals. If a person does not have a planned meal, especially for breakfast and lunch, then he is likely to turn to quick, unhealthy foods.

After finding or creating a food plan, a person can create a list of what he needs to buy at the store. Many people choose to go grocery shopping only once a week. In addition, some recipes need to be started long before a meal. For example, homemade tomato sauce needs to simmer for hours to produce the best flavor. A weekly meal plan also can provide notice of when food has to be prepped to be done in time for dinner.

Finding a weekly diet plan is a simple process. Several online and print resources provide weekly diet plans, and a person can create one of his own. People can find published weekly meal plans tailored to any type of diet, such as weight loss or vegetarian. These plans often include the recipes and a grocery list.

If you don’t have the time to put together a weekly diet plan on your own, you can use an app that will recommend a plan. You can find many great diet apps that will use your lifestyle and health information to formulate a meal plan and grocery list that works for you. You can even find apps designed for specific types of diets, such as keto diet apps. Be sure to verify the app is endorsed by qualified nutritionists.

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    • Grocery lists may help people stick to a weekly diet plan.
      By: Pixsooz
      Grocery lists may help people stick to a weekly diet plan.