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What is a Water Filtration Faucet?

J. Nelson
J. Nelson

A water filtration faucet is a kind of tap water filter that is mounted directly on the faucet for filtering drinking water. As a type of point-of-use home filtration, it filters water from a single tap as it is used, which is different from a point-of-entry filtration system that treats water as it enters a home but before individual faucets are turned on. Water filtration faucets are easy to install and widely available, and they use disposable filters that need to be periodically replaced. Filter faucets often are a simple and affordable way to improve the quality of home drinking water, but they are not water purifiers, so they do not eliminate viruses or other organisms from drinking water.

A water filtration faucet uses a carbon filter to treat tap water. The carbon filter acts as an absorbent medium to trap gases and suspended matter as the tap water flows. A filtration faucet usually is mounted in a way that replaces the faucet’s aerator — the housing which holds the screen at the opening where water passes through — or is installed immediately above the aerator. Depending on the particular water filtration faucet, one often has a choice of running water through the filtration faucet or taking it directly from the tap without filtration, depending on the need. To receive unfiltered tap water, the filtration faucet usually is turned or rotated in a way that keeps water from passing through it. When using the water filtration faucet, the flow of water might be slowed.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

The effectiveness of water filtration faucets depend on the quality of the home’s water supply, the brand of filtration unit and the regular replacement of carbon filters per the manufacturer’s recommendation. The quality of the water supply varies widely by locale, so potential users might want to educate themselves about the content of their water, because a water filtration faucet might not be adequate enough to effectively filter their water. For more thorough filtration or for the elimination of particular chemicals or organisms, a more complex home water filtration system might be needed.

Other, more complex home water filtration options include counter-top systems that connect to the sink via a tube, diverting water from the faucet to the water filter. There also are units that are mounted under the sink, connecting directly to the home’s plumbing. These systems often use more elaborate filtration technologies and treat water in a more thorough manner than a water filtration faucet does.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower