What Is a Vocational Training Assessment?

G. Wiesen

A vocational training assessment is a type of test used to evaluate the amount of skill or previous training a person has within a particular vocation. This type of test is often used by a job placement agency to determine the skills and abilities a person has, in order to more accurately place that person in a job that he or she can comfortably perform. A vocational training assessment can also be utilized by a vocational training program to determine what skills a person has developed. Such assessments are often used as pre-testing or post-testing to evaluate growth and personal skill development.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The purpose of a vocational training assessment can vary somewhat, depending on the context in which the test is given. A job placement agency, for example, is likely to use this type of assessment to evaluate the skills of a particular individual. In this situation, someone is likely to take a vocational training assessment based on his or her individual interests and background. Someone with experience working in the information technology (IT) sector, for example, might take an IT assessment to demonstrate his or her abilities, allowing the agency to better place him or her in an appropriate position.

This type of vocational training assessment is typically created by the agency itself, though it may have input from various employers regarding what is expected or needed. Such tests are commonly divided into several sections, often including a basic skills section as well as various sections for specific background or vocational skills. A vocational training assessment can also be utilized by a potential employer, to ensure that a job candidate can demonstrate the skills or abilities he or she claims to have. Such testing may not be necessary if an applicant has sufficient professional experience, though this depends on individual employers.

A vocational training assessment can also be used by a school or vocational training college. It is likely to be used in a class, and is typically designed by the teacher to gauge the abilities of individual students. A pre-test may be given to students at the start of a class or unit to determine what knowledge the students already possess. After completion of a unit or the class, then students might take another vocational training assessment for post-testing purposes, to determine what they have learned and to evaluate their growth and development.

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