How Do I Get into Vocational Nursing?

Whitney Leigh White
Whitney Leigh White
A LVN taking a person's history.
A LVN taking a person's history.

To become a vocational nurse, you will typically have to complete an accredited training program and get a license, which requires you to pass an examination. As this type of nurse, you will find it beneficial to be in good physical health and possess certain skills, including superb multitasking abilities. The route taken to get into vocational nursing is relatively short when compared to other healthcare occupational jobs, and the career opportunities you will encounter are often abundant. Many people choose to get into vocational nursing as a pathway to becoming a registered nurse.

The exact educational requirements you will need to meet depend on the geographical location you plan to perform vocational nursing services. In most areas, you are required to complete a training program that usually takes about a year. During the training program, your studies will focus on patient education, nursing processes, leadership, and other nursing-related subjects. Most curriculums will require you to complete over 1,000 hours of training hours in addition to course studies. Vocational nursing programs can be found on an international basis, and many industrialized countries offer the programs both online and at actual college or vocational sites.

Even after completing an accredited training program, you will likely need to pass a licensing examination. In the US, the exam is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The length of this test varies because it is computerized and questions are randomly given to each person that takes it. When taking this assessment, you can expect to answer questions in relation physiological integrity, health promotion and maintenance, effective care environment, and psychosocial integrity. If you have served within the US military and/or have studied pharmacology at an accredited school, you may be able to skip completing an accredited training program and get into vocational nursing by passing the exam only.

Due to long work hours and the physically demanding nature of being a vocational nurse, it is helpful to be in good physical health when getting into this career field. You should regularly sharpen your communication abilities, and work on your multitasking skills. In addition to becoming proficient at managing time and analyzing information, make sure your bedside manners are appropriate.

After getting into vocational nursing, you will discover there are many career opportunities open to you. Psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, and home care agencies are just a few of the places you can find employment. If you are looking to perform your services for a law enforcement-related facility, try finding a job through a correctional agency. When seeking a predictable schedule, one of the best places to work as a vocational nurse is at a doctor's office.

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    • A LVN taking a person's history.
      By: WavebreakMediaMicro
      A LVN taking a person's history.