What is a Visa&Reg; Business Credit Card?

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A Visa® Business Credit Card is a card that bears the company’s insignia. Visa® along with MasterCard® and American Express® are some of the most common credit card names. A card that features one of the names of these companies can be used in any location that accepts that specific name. It may also entitle a person to certain protections associated with the brand name. Often Visa® and MasterCard® are accepted in most of the same locations.

A cashier swiping a business credit card.
A cashier swiping a business credit card.

Those interested in contracting with the company Visa®, can evaluate different credit card offers on the Visa® Business Credit Card website. This connects people to lenders who have cards with the Visa® brand name, and more cards could be available than those featured on the site. Once people have chosen a lender they’ll have to apply and even applications may differ. Acceptance usually hinges on a good history of company profits and stability, and a good company credit history.

Due to the fact that there is an additional company involved in each Visa® Business Credit Card, all of these cards may have different benefits. In other words, the card is issued by a lender who is affiliating itself with Visa®, but that doesn’t mean each lender offers equal benefits. While Visa® may build in certain rights that are attached to any card that bears its name, affiliate lenders tend to set some of the fine details about the credit card. This includes determining who gets approved for a card and at what interest rate money will be lent. Fees, payment schedule and bonus packages may also be determined by the lender.

Once a company decides they want to use a Visa® Business Credit Card, they’ll still have to make decisions about the lenders to whom they might apply. This means evaluating credit card offers thoroughly to determine the ones that would be most advantageous and least expensive to a business. As mentioned Visa® may guarantee some things regardless of the business issuing the cards. Typical things offered as a service of the Visa® company include quick replacement of cards that are stolen or lost, access to emergency cash in that same scenario, a fast way to report a stolen or lost card with limited or zero liability if the card is used by an unauthorized party, and some security in purchases or extension of purchase warranties.

Most other benefits of a Visa® Business Credit Card will come directly from the lender. Special things like frequent flyer miles, cash back bonuses, opportunities to purchase at low prices, or any other of these things are decided by the lender. Part of the consideration when choosing a card will be which bonuses or features would be most useful in a business. Any added features need also to be weighed against extra interest or fees that might make a card less attractive.

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