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What is a Truck Freight Broker?

Jodee Redmond
Jodee Redmond

A person who is interested in working as a truck freight broker must be ready to perform a number of functions while on the job. Not only does he or she need to have an in-depth knowledge of the carrier business, but the potential freight broker must also be very familiar with the types of issues that shippers are most concerned with. This base of knowledge allows them to match the shipment with the right carrier.

People in the freight broker business are selling a service to their customers. Rather than have a shipper attempt to find the freight company that can get their goods to the desired destination quickly and at the best possible rate, busy companies look to a person with experience in freight brokering for assistance. The truck freight broker will likely have a background of prior work in sales or in the transportation business to be effective in this role.

Trucks are used to transport many types of goods.
Trucks are used to transport many types of goods.

When a prospective customer contacts a broker for assistance, he or she will listen very carefully to what the customer needs. Since the truck freight broker has a good knowledge of geography and how long it takes to ship goods from one location to another, he or she can recommend a solution that will get the customer's raw materials or finished product to its destination quickly and efficiently. Part of the truck broker's job is to be very familiar with the shipping process and the equipment available to move goods from one location to another.

Once a customer has hired a truck freight broker to take charge of a shipment, the broker must choose the right carrier for the job. There are many trucking companies offering their services, and the truck broker has the resources to match the load with a transportation company that can deliver it within the desired time frame. Once a potential match has been found, the broker must do some investigative work to ensure that the carrier has a good safety record.

Before the shipment can go out by truck, the broker must also arrange for insurance and any other required documentation, such as a bill of lading or customs declaration forms. He or she will also negotiate a shipping rate with the carrier. The broker arranges for the trucking company's driver to pick up the load and will be advised of any invoice or container numbers associated with it. Once the shipment has arrived at its destination, the driver contacts the truck freight broker to confirm that it was received in good order. At this point, the broker has fulfilled his or her responsibilities and can bill the client for services rendered.

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    • Trucks are used to transport many types of goods.
      By: majeczka
      Trucks are used to transport many types of goods.