How do I Choose the Best Freight Trucking Company?

Felicia Dye

There may be many freight trucking companies at your disposal. This does not mean they will all provide equal services at equal costs. There are several things you should consider if you want to get the best possible freight trucking company service for your money. These factors include the companies’ locations, equipment, and prices.

Trucks are used to transport many types of goods.
Trucks are used to transport many types of goods.

It may be best to choose a freight trucking company that is near the pickup point. Otherwise, the company may not be motivated to prioritize your delivery. It may wait until it has an empty truck in that area. It is also possible if the company has to travel a significant distance to pick up the load that this trip will be reflected in the price. However, a nearby freight trucking company is more likely to get to your delivery quicker without adding any extraordinary costs.

Carefully check on freight trucking companies' costs and equipment.
Carefully check on freight trucking companies' costs and equipment.

You also need to carefully consider a freight trucking company’s equipment. This does not mean you need to become an expert in trucks and trailers. You should, however, ensure that you are hiring a reliable truck. Otherwise, you could find yourself inconvenienced by break downs and repair times. Older trucks may also take longer to travel certain terrain such as mountains.

Unless you have your own trailer, you should make sure the freight trucking company you hire has the type you need. If it does not, you could find yourself paying for the costs it incurs to rent one. You may also find that some companies may try to haul your goods with an inappropriate trailer, thereby placing your goods at risk.

Find out whether the freight trucking company you are considering charges more for drivers with endorsements. For example, if your shipment requires a driver with a hazardous materials endorsement, some companies may want to charge you more for this individual’s time. If so, it is best to do some bargain shopping before you agree to these additional costs.

Many people choose a freight trucking company by name. They pick the big companies whose trucks are commonly seen on the road. While popularity is not a reason to disqualify a company, it can be a reason to carefully consider the decision. Large companies may not offer the best rates or the best service.

Smaller companies and independent operators often need to be very customer-oriented to be competitive. You may want to consider these options because these companies may have more authority and willingness to negotiate prices. This is especially true if you can offer more than one load. Smaller entities are also more likely to develop a personal relationship with you that can develop into better care being taken of your shipment and attention being paid to your needs.

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