What Is a Renewable Energy Report?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A renewable energy report is a discussion of alternative energy sources, consumption, and related matters. The thrust of the report can depend on why it was commissioned and which entity pays for it. Government agencies, for example, may have an interest in getting policy recommendations in their reports. An energy company may prefer a detailed breakdown of the available sources and their economic feasibility. Some reports are available to members of the public by request while others may be private.

A wind farm that's used to make renewable energy.
A wind farm that's used to make renewable energy.

These reports can be ordered by governments, nonprofit organizations, and energy companies. The introduction of the report can discuss the contents, the nature of the commission, and the kinds of topics to expect within the document. Some may have abstracts, which contain a very short overview of the information inside to help readers determine if it is appropriate to their needs. Supplementary material like charts, graphs, and raw data may be available at the end of the renewable energy report.

The authors can discuss various potential sources for renewable energy along with specific benefits and drawbacks in a renewable energy report. These can include financial concerns like the cost of implementation as well as environmental analysis of the impact of such technologies. Analysis may discuss existing government subsidies and other incentives to put the information in balance, with notes about when these expire. The report may discuss the current amount of energy coming from each source, along with the potential for the future, based on available information and projections from energy economists.

Some renewable energy reports may look at current consumption statistics and areas of high demand. This can provide context for companies making decisions about whether to invest. These entities want to know if the investment will be cost effective, and thus need to see proof of a market for alternative sources of energy. The renewable energy report can highlight the areas where investment is most likely to pay off, such as communities with cost-effective sources of alternative energy and residents with a demonstrated interest in getting their power from environmentally friendly sources.

Policy recommendations in a renewable energy report can include discussions about how to increase the percentage of energy from renewable sources. These may involve incentives for energy customers and producers along with investment by the government directly into research and development. Such recommendations can be integrated into a government's planning for the future as it takes anticipated energy demand into account and considers various options for meeting it.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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