What is a Rear Mower?

Ken Black
Ken Black
Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

A rear mower is a mower pulled behind a tractor for mowing large sections of land often used when mowing with other equipment would be impractical. They are commonly used in commercial endeavors and on farms, but may be too big and bulky for typical residential use. In some cases, the rear mower may be able to be used with different brands of tractors and in other cases the brands may be designed in a way they must match their particular attachments.

The rear mower is typically connected to a tractor via a drive shaft, though it may be possible for a belt system to be used as well. The drive shaft has an inner shaft that spins. This causes the gear box on the mower to operate, which then spins the blades and enables mowing.

Each rear mower will have a set of guide wheels, often called rear rollers or rear wheels, that typically will determine the cut height. Adjusting the wheels may be a simple task done by hand, but also may require the use of another type of tool. Most rear mowers cut at a higher height than typical lawn mowers, but can cut lower, if desired.

One type of rear mower that is often used to cut to various lower levels for a more quality cut is called the rear finishing mower. This type of rear mower will not do well with tall weeds, but will do excellent in cutting areas where there has been a conscientious lawn care program applied. Typically, the best finishing mowers will have at least four guide wheels to help provide an accurate cut, though some may only have two or three.

A rear mower has the advantage of being able to provide a quick cut, though it may be possible both a rear mower and rear finishing mower will be needed to provide the best looking cut possible. In addition, this allows for more practical utilization of farm tractors, providing yet another use and making it a more valuable piece of equipment.

Rear mowers come in a wide range of prices. This is due to the size and the quality of the models. Also, there is an abundance of used models available for sale online and at various farm stores. It may be possible to find a rear mower for less than $1,000 US Dollars (USD). In other cases, the implements could cost many thousands of US Dollars.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass