What Is a Portable Conveyor Belt?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A portable conveyor belt is a conveyor belt with a movable design, allowing operators to bring it to a work site and position it as needed. This can be useful for construction, bulk materials handling, and moving large volumes or material within buildings, as may be necessary for relocating offices. Numerous firms produce portable conveyor belts and accessories, including tools like trailers for easily towing them to work sites, and buckets designed to fit into modular designs for moving dirt, gravel, and similar loose materials that cannot be simply placed on a belt.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

In construction, a portable conveyor belt is very useful during site preparation. The belt can quickly and easily move materials during excavation, including in crowded environments like basements. The belt can dump materials into a truck for transport or deliver them to a pile for later reuse on the site. Many designs have a low profile to fit through windows and other narrow openings, and can be set at a variety of inclines to meet different needs, rather than just being flat.

Bulk materials handling often requires a portable conveyor belt for activities like processing materials on site or managing supplies inside storage facilities. The design can be highly configurable and accepts very high weights, allowing operators to load it with ore, grain, and other heavy materials. The belts can also be useful for loading and unloading at docks, rail yards, and similar facilities. The ability to move the equipment around increases flexibility on the site and makes it easier for workers to handle materials safely and efficiently.

Moving firms may also use portable conveyor belts for loading and unloading. In environments like office buildings, the belts can be useful for transporting file boxes and similar materials. Rather than having personnel carry these materials between floors, the firm can set up a belt to move them as needed. This can reduce the risks of injuries and speed the moving process, two important considerations in office moves.

It is possible to rent a portable conveyor belt for situations where a company may have a need for one, but does not want to maintain its own equipment. Companies offering rentals may also provide the services of a technician to run the belt or train personnel in its safe operation. Leases are available for projects with a longer time frame where companies do not want to buy portable conveyor belt equipment but may need it for weeks or months.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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