How Do I Choose the Best Used Conveyor Belt?

B. Turner
B. Turner
A secondhand conveyor belt should be in good condition.
A secondhand conveyor belt should be in good condition.

Conveyor belts are used to quickly and efficiently move products through a manufacturing or industrial facility. Due to the high cost of conveyors and other equipment, buying a used conveyor belt can help firms save money. To get the most out of your investment, take the time to choose the used conveyor belt that is best suited to your needs. Consider factors like construction and wear resistance to ensure the belt will be able to hold up to the types of materials you produce. Buyers should also evaluate the belt's surface design, its size and any special features or materials when choosing a used conveyor belt.

One of the most important considerations when buying a used conveyor belt is the construction and durability of the belt. The material and design of these belts play a role in performance, maintenance, and life expectancy. Woven belts are designed for general-purpose applications, but should not be used with very heavy or abrasive materials. Non-woven or plied rubber belts will hold up better against tears or abrasion, though they may not be as flexible or fast as less durable belts. Generally, the shorter the length of the belt, the thicker and more durable it should be, because shorter belts pass across the end rollers more frequently than longer ones.

Another important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a used conveyor belt is the surface characteristics of the belt. Facilities where objects must be quickly removed or slid onto the belt should stick to belts with a smooth surface to minimize friction. Belts with a highly-textured surface can maintain a steady grip on packages, while those made from natural rubber are also effective at holding items in place. Some belts even have built-in cleats, or raised areas, which is useful for separating items along the length of the belt. Belts with cleats also keep items more secure when the belt is used at an incline.

Some companies may need to look for a used conveyor belt that offers special features specific to certain types of industries. For example, food processing businesses need very smooth belts that are easy to keep clean and sanitary. These belts are made from plastic, stainless steel, and other materials designed for this purpose. Other firms may need to seek out anti-static belts, which help to eliminate the static associated with electronics and fabric manufacturing. Finally, companies that use heat or refrigeration during production should look for open mesh belts, which allow for maximize air flow.

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    • A secondhand conveyor belt should be in good condition.
      By: Budimir Jevtic
      A secondhand conveyor belt should be in good condition.