What is a Pneumatic Saw?

Alexis W.
Alexis W.
Some chains saws are pneumatic saws.
Some chains saws are pneumatic saws.

Pneumatic tools use compressed air as their source of energy. Compressed air is supplied by means of a compressor driven by electricity or gas. A pneumatic saw is a saw that is powered by compressed air. Pneumatic saws are smaller and lighter than traditional saws, typically making them a highly efficient tool.

Portable pneumatic tools, including the pneumatic saw, are driven by compressed carbon dioxide contained in small cylinders. They are cheaper to run and substantially safer than their electrically driven counterparts. They generally are lighter and smaller; however, the size of a pneumatic saw is usually dependent upon the size of the compressor.

Pneumatic saws come in various styles, including circular or chain saws that can be used in heavy-duty construction work. These saws are able to cut through almost anything from wood to steel to concrete. Pneumatic saws can also be used in medical applications in the form of an oscillating saw.

There are many benefits to the pneumatic saw, many of which relate to its use of air power. Tools that run on compressed air tend to offer greater torque and higher revolutions per minute, which provides quick and rapid use. They also offer an alternative to electricity drainage or battery waste, which makes them environmentally friendly.

Pneumatic tools work as a result of air compression. Air compressors compress air inside a tank and when the air is needed it is pulled out. This results in an increase in air pressure and a decrease in air volume. Air is released through a hose which is connected to the tool in a powerful stream.

Air continues to increase in the tank until it reaches its pressure point; however, each compressor is fitted with a regulator that is set to accommodate the specific tool's required pressure. A safety valve is fitted on the compressor to ensure this pressure is not exceeded.

Most air compressors can be run off either gas or electricity. Some are small and portable, while others are very large and permanently installed. The energy that can be released is generally dependent on their size. The larger the air compressor, the larger the tool it can power.

A pneumatic tool, such as a pneumatic saw, that is run off compressed air is a generally considered to be a superior tool because it offers speeds that are unmatched and because it runs cooler. They are safe and economical and typically have a very long life span. Since they have fewer moving parts, pneumatic tools can last for many years and are almost indestructible with the right maintenance. Cleaning and proper lubrication are all that is required to keep them in optimum running condition.

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    • Some chains saws are pneumatic saws.
      By: Farmer
      Some chains saws are pneumatic saws.