What is a Patio Chaise?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

A patio chaise is an outdoor chaise lounge designed for use on a patio, porch, or deck. Providing a comfortable place to stretch out and enjoy the sun or take a nap, the chaise is also at home beside a pool or in the backyard. Many sets of patio furniture include a patio chaise along with chairs and a table.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

As with most types of outdoor furniture, the patio chaise is constructed to withstand both heat and cold. Some designs employ a wooden frame that is treated to repel moisture and hold up under wind, cold, and constant exposure to sunlight. Other designs for the chaise make use of lightweight metals or even resin compounds. In each case, the choice of materials makes it possible to clean the furniture with ease.

Patio cushions are often used with this type of lounge chair. Typically, the shell for the cushions is constructed of soft vinyl or other fabric blends that retain color and are water repellant. Many of the cushions are designed with a thick body that extends the entire length of the chaise, making it possible to rest on a padded surface from head to toe. Like the frames, cleaning the cushions usually requires nothing more than a mild detergent, water, and sponge.

It is not unusual for a patio chaise constructed with wood or metal to be mounted on wheels. This can be an advantage when rearranging the furnishings on the patio for a party. The wheels also come in handy when there is a need to move the chaise in order to enjoy the best sun while tanning.

For backyards equipped with a pool, homeowners usually choose to purchase several chaises. This helps to ensure that when several people are enjoying the pool, everyone can have the chance to stretch out on a chaise in between dips in the water. Because the backs of most chaise designs are adjustable, it is possible for people to recline the back until a level surface is created, or place the back in a fully upright position for eating, drinking, or reading.

While some styles of the patio chaise are intended to remain on the patio year-round, the lightweight resin models normally are stored during the winter months. In order to keep the storage process simple, these resin chaises fold into dimensions that are similar to those of any folding chair. This makes it possible to store the chaise in an attic, under a stairwell, or even under the bed.

It is possible to purchase a patio chaise from several different types of retail stores. The basic resin models are found at many discount stores, while models made with wood or metal are often found at home and garden or hardware stores. Generally, resin patio chaises are the least expensive, while patio furniture made from wood or metal are more costly.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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