What is a Papasan Cradle?

Margo Upson
Margo Upson

Papasan furniture is meant to be both relaxing and stylish. Traditionally, it is a large wicker chair with a circular base and a plush pillow-like cover over it. The padding is thick, providing an extremely comfortable place to rest. Papasan furniture includes chairs, gliders, ottomans, loveseats, and, most recently, cradles.

A baby.
A baby.

A papasan cradle is a baby swing. It usually can swing both back and forth and left and right. Many have many different speeds and play soothing songs. Some also vibrate in a soothing way. Most have brightly colored objects that spin slowly in circles, entertaining the infant as he or she sits in the chair.

Infants usually love sitting in a papasan cradle. They provide the support and comfort of traditional papasan chairs, but they are specially designed for infants. They provide special head and neck support, and are reclined more than traditional infant swings. The padding is still thick, and the seats are shaped to cuddle infants as they are rocked, giving a feeling similar to being swaddled.

A papasan cradle is a great way to soothe fussy or colicky infants. The motion and sound is very comforting, helping an infant to fall asleep. Colicky infants respond well to the constant movement, and the swing can give tired parents a break. The slightly upright angle of the papasan cradle is great for infants suffering from respiratory problems.

Another type of papasan furniture for infants is a papasan seat. These baby chairs sit on the floor, and are angled to give infants a clear view of the room. They have the same thick padding and support as the swings. They also play music and have a mode for soothing vibrations. Many even have a mobile to entertain infants, just like with the swings. These chairs are great for traveling, and most have legs that fold up to a more compact size.

There are also papasan bouncers for infants, with the same vibrating and music playing features of other papasan-style baby products. The bouncers provide a great place for infants to sit and watch the world around them. When the infant kicks his or her feet, the chair bounces. This helps to teach cause and effect as well as providing some entertainment.

Papasan cradles are available from most stores that specialize in baby products. They come in many designs, with different features available from different brands. One brand even has a miniature light show, featuring star and moon shapes, for infants to watch while they are in the swing. A papasan cradle can usually support infants up to 20-25 lbs. (9-12 kg.), or until they are able to climb out. Infants should be buckled or strapped in at all times. These infant-sized papasan chairs are wonderful for infants through most of their first year, providing hours of comfort and entertainment.

Margo Upson
Margo Upson

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