What is a Mobile Hoist?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Mobile hoists are devices that are used to lift different types of objects, and transport them for short distances. There are several different types and sizes of these hoists, with some designed for use in warehouses, while others are used in shipyards, at loading docks, and even in hospitals. One of the distinguishing characteristics of any type of mobile hoist is that the device is mounted on wheels, making it easy to move the hoist to the desired position with relative ease.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

One of the more common examples of the mobile hoist is found in a hospital, nursing home, or other type of ongoing care facility. Here, the hoist is often used to help patients who are not fully ambulatory to move about. For example, a patient that has difficulty sitting up in bed or rising to a standing position may use this type of device.

With this application, the mobile hoist is wheeled into a position adjacent to the bed, and within easy reach of the patient. The wheels are often locked to prevent the device from shifting while in use. Depending on the degree of assistance required, the patient can reach up and grip arms on the hoist, using them for leverage to sit up in bed. For patients that are completely incapacitated, caregivers may gently roll the patient and place a sling under his or her body. The hoist is then used to lift the patient from the bed and begin the process of transport.

In recent years, concerns about the use of mobile hoists in healthcare facilities has led to increasing scrutiny on the construction of the devices. As a result, careful attention is paid to the quality of materials used to construct the hoists, as well as making sure the components are assembled properly. Many manufacturers have revised their guidelines for maintenance and use of the hoists, further minimizing the opportunity for some type of accident to take place while assisting patients.

Along with use in hospitals, the mobile hoist can also be found at shipyards as well as at waterfronts. The mobile boat hoist is ideal for helping to move boats of just about any size in and out of the water. Some can even be used to lift boats above the water line for quick inspections, without the need to move the boat completely out of the water.

Automakers and mechanics sometimes make use of a mobile engine hoist. A mobile hoist of this type makes the process of replacing engines relatively simple. The durable straps on the hoist are carefully attached to the old motor; an operator uses controls on the hoist to lift the motor out of the automobile and swing it away to an area where it can be set down. The same hoist can then move the new engine into position, gently drop it into the engine compartment on the vehicle, thus avoiding the possibility of strains or other injuries to the mechanic.

There are different designs for the mobile hoist that make it a versatile tool in a number of settings. Mobile column hoists are often a good option for moving heavy inventory around a warehouse, while hoists equipped with straps are better suited for use in hospitals. In all cases, the hoists are designed to protect the object that is being transported, as well as prevent injury to the operator.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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