How Do I Choose the Best Rental Hoist?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A rental hoist may be the perfect solution for your construction, industry, or even home project needs, but before you can choose the best one, you need to determine how you are most likely to use the hoist system. These devices come in a wide range of functions, sizes, and features, and the best one will be based on how you will use the system during the rental period. Think carefully about the size of the objects you will need to transport or lift using the rental hoist, as well as the ways in which the items need to be moved.

A jib boom crane may be the best option for some purposes. This type of rental hoist features a vertical beam that supports a horizontal arm. In many cases, the crane can swivel as well, meaning you will be able to lift and move objects a short distance. This type of rental hoist is commonly used for lifting engines out of engine compartments on automobiles, lifting objects into or out of a truck bed, or even lifting heavy objects in construction settings. The jib boom crane can come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to take note of the weight capacity for each model and make sure it is appropriate for your needs.

Other rental hoist models may feature a pulley system that can be mounted to solid objects. These are commonly used on scaffolding, in factories or warehouses, and even on the front of some off-road vehicles, acting as a winch. You will, again, need to determine your needs and the weight capacity that will suit the job you will be completing. Think about price also, as larger units will be more expensive than small ones. Some winches even mount to a track, and the winch itself is mounted to a trolley that can move along the track. This system is useful for moving large objects across a warehouse space, but renting such a system can be costly. If you will be using the system regularly, it may be best to buy it rather than rent, since the set-up and removal can be quite labor intensive.

One of the key decisions you will need to make, regardless of what rental hoist system you need, is whether you need a motorized hoist or a manually operated one. A hand-operated hoist will be far less expensive to rent in most cases, but it may be more difficult to use and unable to lift as much weight as a motorized unit. The motorized hoist will be more expensive but more powerful. You may need to be trained to learn how to use it.

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