What is a Mid Face Lift?

Diane Goettel

A mid face lift is a cosmetic procedure performed by a plastic surgeon that is meant to make the skin on and around the cheeks and lower eyelids look firmer and more youthful. The reason it is called a "mid face lift" is that the procedure specifically targets the middle area of the face. Some people choose a mid face lift because, over the years, the elasticity in the skin begins to diminish. This can cause sagging and wrinkling, which many people experience most severely under their eyes and on their cheeks.

A mid face lift is designed to make the skin around the cheeks and lower eyelids look more youthful.
A mid face lift is designed to make the skin around the cheeks and lower eyelids look more youthful.

Everyone's skin ages slightly differently, which means that a mid face lift is not necessarily the right option for everyone looking for a more youthful face and smoother skin. The best way to find out whether one is a good candidate for a mid face lift is to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon who can assess the skin on one's face, listen to one's concerns, and work to find a surgical option that will best address one's aesthetic goals. Some people who experience the most sagging around their chins and along their jaw lines may not be the best candidates for a mid face lift.

In addition to targeting the area under the eyes, a mid face lift also targets the cheeks, as well as a number of areas on the face in proximity to the cheeks. For example, a mid face lift will also work on smoothing and firming the areas on either side of the mouth. Therefore, this procedure would be useful for people who are also concerned about having lines and wrinkles at the corners of their mouths. Furthermore, the procedure will also help to reduce nasal folds that extend from the outside of the nostrils down to the corners of the mouth.

There are a few techniques that a plastic surgeon can use to complete a mid face lift. In one technique, an incision is made in the lower lash line where it can be hidden. In another procedure, an incision is made on each temple in an area that can be hidden by the hair line. In this second technique, the access point allows the surgeon to pull the skin and muscles in the face diagonally as well as up.

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