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What is a Medical Hair Transplant?

Kaiser Castro
Kaiser Castro

A medical hair transplant is a procedure that restores hair that has been lost. The procedure is a viable solution to those who suffer from hair loss. Commonly called "hair transplant surgery," the procedure is usually done in a hair transplant center by a qualified surgeon.

Hair loss is a common worry for men and women all over the world. Over the years, the aesthetic procedure has improved the self-esteem and confidence of many people. The elderly, alopecia sufferers and individuals who are experiencing genetic baldness are viable candidates for a medical hair transplant.

A man with hair loss.
A man with hair loss.

The medical hair transplant consists of the surgical removal of tissue from the back or sides of the head. These areas are not as prone to hair loss, compared to the crown of the head. The tissue is then dissected into individual hair follicles or skin grafts. Skin grafts are then prepared and placed onto bald areas. Individual hair follicles are placed onto areas with thinning hair, resulting in a very natural appearance.

A balding man.
A balding man.

Areas with removed tissue are fixed with invisible sutures. These sutures blend into and dissolve into the area, effectively hiding and minimizing scarring and swelling. After the medical hair transplant, the patient will return to the hair transplant surgeon in a couple of weeks to ensure hair retention and growth. The hair should be growing about half an inch (1.27 cm) a month.

Hair growth will come slow for the newly placed hair. After six months, the hair should look and feel fuller. Patience will be required, because the hair growth will not be sudden.

Local anesthesia will be administered during the hair transplant procedure. The medical procedure will be done with very little pain to the hair transplant candidate. After the procedure, the patient usually will be able to go home after a bit of rest at the hair transplant center.

The medical hair transplant procedure is deemed to be a permanent solution for hair loss, with a very high success rate. Other hair loss solutions, such as drug therapy, are designed to prevent hair loss and not actually to replace the hair that has already been lost. These drug therapies require continued applications and costs. Medical hair transplant is designed to be a one-stop solution to hair loss.

A hair transplant is an extremely versatile procedure. The benefits of the procedure are immediately apparent to those suffering from hair loss. Successful patients can enjoy a younger, restored appearance with a thicker head of hair.

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    • A man with hair loss.
      A man with hair loss.
    • A balding man.
      By: goodluz
      A balding man.