What is a Leadership Test?

Alison Faria

A leadership test is an assessment often taken by people in the workforce. The purpose of this type of test is usually to help a person distinguish between titles and roles to find what their natural strengths are. Test results can also help a person determine how they can get the most fulfillment out of their career. After taking a leadership test, a person might be categorized into one of several categories: ambassador, advocate, people mover, creative builder, or experienced guide.

Leadership tests help potential managers identify their strengths and weaknesses.
Leadership tests help potential managers identify their strengths and weaknesses.

An ambassador is typically a person who can mediate many different kinds of difficult workplace situations. They will usually get involved in conflicts for the sake of all involved, not for their own benefit. People who most identify with the ambassador category might also be interested in introducing various development frameworks within a company.

If a leadership test categorizes someone as a people mover, then that person might have a natural talent for taking the lead in building work groups or teams. Mentoring is another ability that might come instinctively to people movers. These types also generally view potential as being an important part of worker performance.

Creative builders are typically the most motivated to begin new things. They often seek out new products and niche markets. Much of their interest might involve turning ideas into realities. Sometimes, creative builders might want to start their own businesses.

Experienced guides are often considered to be important sources of information. If a worker is confused about a task, he might seek out the knowledge of an experienced guide. People in this category also generally have a natural ability to listen to the needs of fellow workers.

Sometimes, a leadership test might be given as part of a leadership assessment. For example, a management role in a company might require applicants to take a test to see what their natural leadership skills are. Managers often need to create an empowering environment that helps workers succeed. If it is determined that they lack certain requirements or characteristics, they might need to take a leadership class before they can proceed as an applicant.

Interaction with other workers is often something that leadership test will ask about. A testing candidate might be asked whether it is more important to focus on mentoring colleagues or achieving company goals. Such tests are typically based around the theory that a good leader is equally concerned about work and colleagues.

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