What is a Hose Extension?

Lori Kilchermann

A hose extension is used to lengthen a piece of hose in an engine. This can be rubber water hose or a hydraulic version. The material of the hose extension as well as the connecting device should be selected for its intended uses. Placing a plain rubber type onto a hydraulic hose will result in an extension that will swell up, bubble and burst from the high pressure created within a hydraulic system. Also, using the wrong type of rubber hose extension on a brake line will result in a brake system that fails. The hose will bulge instead of sending the pressure to the brakes unless a reinforced or braided hose is used.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Fuel injection systems found on the typical family automobile operate at extremely high pressure. If placing a hose extension onto a line in a fuel injection system, a high pressure hose must be used. Also a specific type of hose clamp must be used to hold the extension in place. Failure to do either of these critical steps can result in a hose that bubbles out and explodes or one that is literally pushed off of the splice due to clamp failure.

Often when parts are changed on an automobile, there may be a design change. These changes often result in a hose that fit perfectly prior to the change being too short to fit onto the new part. Many such parts will come with a hose extension as well as instructions as to the proper installation procedure. If the hose was not included, it is imperative to utilize the proper type to complete the installation.

Hydraulic hoses must be extended with only a steel reinforced multi-layer, hydraulic-type version along with the proper high-pressure crimp-on clamps. The use of any other type of hose will result in a failure. Fuel hoses must not only be compatible with the pressures of a fuel system, they must also be compatible with the type of gas being used. Gasohol or E-85 type alcohol fuel blends require a special hose that will not be affected by the alcohol.

Alcohol dries the rubber components of a fuel system out and should be used with an alcohol specific fuel line. A hose extension that might work satisfactorily may fail miserably in the wrong application. Power steering hoses are also high-pressure versions and any extension must be compatible with the steering system. By using the proper hose extension, the repair will work as good as the original part.

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