What is a Hose Container?

Diane Goettel

A hose container is an object that is often used in gardens to store hoses while not in use. Although hoses are often wound up and hung on a hook or wrapped around a reel, a hose container completely conceals a hose when it is not in use. Hoses can be unsightly, especially if they are old, patched, or made of a color that clashes with the surroundings.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Hose containers are often used on the grounds of hotels and resorts so as to keep gardens and green spaces as picturesque as possible for the guests. However, many people have decided to use hose containers on their personal property for the same effect, especially if a hose outlet is located near a pool, patio, or deck where they spend a great deal of time.

Most hose containers are made out of plastic or wood. They are designed so that a hose can coil easily within the container without getting pinched or tangled. Some hose containers are made to look like large decorative pots or are painted so as to add to the outdoor decor. It is possible to find a hose container that has a lid. This can be especially nice if you have a small outdoor space such as a courtyard and could use the extra surface space while you aren't gardening. In such small spaces, a closed container can be used as an extra side table for trays of drinks or snacks.

If you are considering purchasing a hose container, it is important to make sure that there is a space in your garden for it. It is important not to place a hose container on grass as they are quite heavy and will kill the grass beneath. When you bring your hose indoors for the winter, it will leave behind an unattractive circle of dead grass. Instead, position your hose container on a patio or deck area. Alternatively, create a small resting place for it by installing a square section of patio tiles or bricks.

Hose containers can range in price depending on what they are made of and the quality of construction. If you are crafty and good with your hands, you might be able to easily make one out of wood. Alternatively, if you have a large planter that you aren't using, you could turn that into a hose container. Whether you make your own hose container or purchase one, remember that you can always repaint it to match the color scheme of your patio or garden.

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