What is a Hand Lawn Mower?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Also known as a hand push mower, a hand lawn mower is a type of rotary mower that does not use any type of electricity or gasoline to power the rotation of the cutting blades. Instead, the design of the mower causes the blades to rotate as the user pushes the device around the lawn. Mowers of this type are often ideal for small yards, and for homeowners who do not have storage space for the push mowers equipped with some type of engine. While sales of this primitive mower fell after motorized lawn mowers became the norm, the hand lawn mower has regained some popularity among environmentally conscious homeowners.

Reel mowers are a type of hand lawn mowers.
Reel mowers are a type of hand lawn mowers.

In design, a hand lawn mower is typically a simplistic device. The blades are usually housed in what is known as a reel, a cylindrical frame that is mounted horizontally between two wheels. An elongated handle makes it easy for the user to push the mower, causing the wheels to turn and resulting in the rotating of the blades. As a result of the action, the blades cut blades of grass as the mower passed over each section of the lawn, leaving an even cut across the landscape.

There are several benefits to using a hand lawn mower. One has to do with the energy-efficient nature of the tool. Unlike other mowers that require electricity or gasoline to function, simple maintenance to keep the components operable is all that is required. There is no use of fossil fuels or drain on electricity, which means the mower costs less to operate.

Another benefit of a hand lawn mower is the relatively small form and lightness of the device. Many mowers of this type can easily be lifted for mounting on a garage or storeroom wall when not in use. This makes the task of storing the mower much easier, as well as maximizing use of limited storage space around the home.

One of the most attractive features of a hand lawn mower is the lack of noise when the device is in operation. The soft whirring of the blades as they are rotated is highly unlikely to awaken neighbors or irritate anyone attempting to enjoy some peace and quiet in an adjoining yard. In addition, using a hand lawn mower is an excellent way to get some exercise while also taking care of an essential task around the home.

While a hand lawn mower is practical for use with small yards, attempting to mow a large lawn with this type of push mower can be daunting. For this reason, potential users should consider the size of both front and back yards before choosing this option. Since operating the mower does require some amount of strength and stamina, this type of lawn equipment may not be a good fit for people with certain physical limitations.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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