What is a Garden Theme?

N. Phipps
N. Phipps
Gardening tools and potted plants.
Gardening tools and potted plants.

Using a garden theme is a great way to add interest or spark creativity in the garden. Garden themes can be anything you want them to be, based on individual tastes, personality, or interests. They can be based upon a particular style or place, such as a Japanese or Mediterranean garden theme. They can incorporate hobbies or collections, such as with a train theme garden or the use of collectible antiques. Likewise, they can set a mood or provide a backdrop for activities such as with a water garden or a romantic garden theme wedding.

Before choosing a theme for the garden, it helps to plan accordingly in advance. Look at available space as well as the architectural style of the home and surrounding landscape. A garden theme should blend naturally into its surroundings. Garden themes can be single or multiple. Once again, this is dependent on the individual; however, multiple themes should somehow connect with one another for a more natural transition.

Once the theme has been chosen, plants and other items relating to the theme can be incorporated. Plants should also be chosen for their compatibility to the landscape in addition to the theme. For multiple garden themes, it often helps to use transitional plantings. Objects should be placed with care to prevent an unattractive, cluttering appearance.

A good example of a single garden theme is a barnyard theme. Within this natural setting might be found charming country plants, including those relating specifically to a barnyard environment. Depending on the growing requirements, some of these plants could include sunflowers, hens and chicks, lamb’s ears, hollyhocks, flowering tobacco plants, and buttercups. For additional interest, rustic items such as benches, wooden stepladders, troughs, old farm tools and the like can be added.

A barnyard garden theme can also be used with multiple themes. For instance, it could be a country barnyard cutting garden. This extended theme not only makes use of the barnyard gardening element, but also transitions into a country-style garden theme. While country garden themes can still implement many of the same garden plants and items relevant to a barnyard, an easy transition might include a natural winding path amid wildflowers.

Other garden décor specific to the country make good accents along the way, such as an old wagon filled with marigolds or a charming fence covered with sprawling roses. The country theme might then take on another function like that of a productive cutting garden. A meadow is a good way to transition between these themes. The meadow can be filled with dozens of commonly used cut flowers reminiscent with the country as well as the barnyard, pulling everything together. For instance, this would be a great place for adding daisies, coneflowers, blanket flowers, lilies and more.

In addition to flowers, random related objects might be scattered about. Perhaps and old, rustic-looking picture frame could be situated in an upright position to highlight or “frame” a specific view. A quaint water feature fashioned from half of an old whiskey barrel would fit in nicely. Ideas for this garden theme and others are limitless. All it requires is imagination.

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    • Gardening tools and potted plants.
      Gardening tools and potted plants.