What is a Franchise Show?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Also known as a franchise expo or exposition, a franchise show is a gathering where companies that offer franchise opportunities have the chance to connect with entrepreneurs interested in investigating the different franchise opportunities currently available. Usually structured in the same manner as a convention or industry conference, companies that offer these types of opportunities set up information booths that provide information about the franchise structures they offer, along with all the details of how to sign up for the opportunity.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

A franchise show may be structured to focus on franchise opportunities related to one type of business, or include a number of different opportunities related to many different industries. A single show may provide access to information about home based franchises, green franchises, and international franchises. The industries represented may include restaurants, clothiers, telecommunication services, or even sporting franchises such as a golf franchise.

Along with exhibits that relate to different types of franchise opportunities, a franchise show is also likely to contain workshops or presentations regarding the basics of owning a franchise. This can include information on how to obtain financing to buy a franchise, understanding how franchisers and franchisees work together, the tax implications of owning a franchise, and many other issues that are important to the process. Often, the presentations are scheduled for each day of the event, allowing attendees the chance to be involved with as many or as few of the presentations as they wish.

Shows of this type may last for a long weekend or for up to two weeks. Regardless of the duration, a franchise show provides the chance for interested parties to explore all types of franchises at one time, and under one roof. Usually, the registration fees charged to the exhibitors participating in the event cover the expenses of the event. The flat fee charged normally covers the rental of the facility, plus any costs for special events that take place during the show, such as guest speakers, workshops for those interested in owning a franchise, and even for any meals provided to the show attendees and exhibitors.

Depending on the structure of the franchise show, entrepreneurs who wish to visit the exhibits and talk with the franchisers may or may not be charged an entrance fee to the event. This decision normally has to do with the operating philosophy of the event’s organizers. Some hold that the entrance fee is a useful strategy for discouraging attendance by people who do not have a serious interest in opening a franchise, thus increasing the chances for the exhibitors to gain new partners during the event. Others feel that charging a fee unnecessarily limits the potential of the show and may in fact cause someone who would be very successful with a franchise to refrain from attending.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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