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What is a Forearm Bar™?

Micki Elizabeth
Micki Elizabeth

A forearm bar™ is a piece of weight-training equipment manufactured by Monster Bars. Its purpose is to target the three main groups of muscles in the length of the arm spanning from the wrist to the elbow; this includes wrist and elbow flexors, extensors, and the brachioradialis. The apparatus is comprised of a long, angled, foam-padded bar that allows for both over- and underhand grips at various widths–a steel bar protrudes from the center, creating a T-shape. The bar can accommodate standard or Olympic plates secured with a retaining collar to allow one to gradually add weight over time. Wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, and extensor wrist curls using a wide, angled grip can be performed with the forearm bar™.

Athletes of several different sports can benefit from strong forearms. Golfers and hockey players, for instance, may enjoy a better grip on their sports equipment and more precise muscle control that can have a positive effect on accuracy and power. Large forearm muscles are also important to bodybuilders in terms of aesthetics, but they also can prevent injury when performing total-body movements like dead lifts. Many find it difficult, however, to isolate the muscle groups in the forearm.

Woman exercising
Woman exercising

The forearm bar™ claims to utilize up to 60% more muscles than typical barbells and dumbbells when performing forearm isolation exercises. This may be considered a bold claim by some. Many fitness experts agree, however, that the greater variety of grips one can use with the forearm bar™, as well as the 35-degree angle at which the steel weight bar protrudes from the handles, do help to target the necessary muscles.

Many free-weight exercises can be done using a forearm bar™. A wrist curl is performed by holding the bar with an underhand grip. The wrist flexors and brachioradialis work as the wrist is turned inward toward the body. A reverse wrist curl mimics the same movement, but with an overhand grip; in this exercise, the brachioradialis is also worked along with the forearm flexors. The forearm bar™ allows one to place the hands either close together or shoulder-distance apart or even wider.

One can also use the forearm bar™ for exercises that do not isolate only the forearm. Bicep curls may easily be performed with this piece of equipment. Many athletes, bodybuilders, and other exercise enthusiasts like the bar for its versatility. The forearm bar™ is also fairly easy to use, as one can use it solo at the gym, home, or the workplace. It may be stored without much effort and generally costs the same or less than many other types of weightlifting equipment.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising